I find this and many other responses delightful and insightful! Thank you for sharing this article!

The responses were very enlightened and reveal the same issues that we are confronted with today.

It is my opinion that we each should be very engaged in seeking an answer to the disparity among people whatever form it may take.

I look forward to the new paradigm we will create when all are given the equal validity that is our birthright.

Humanity will use whatever means it can to feed off of itself.

If this is what the Consciousness of Humanity needs to happen to understand that healing and oneness are found one person and heart at a time and not by forced “unity” in form, then so be it. Christ awareness is coming, and if we must go through trauma to experience it, then we must.

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We keep taking the words of Jesus and twisting them to our convenience, and there will be suffering from that. Each one thinks they have the right answer and are doing the right thing…

There is a Universal Plan, and you have a role in it that you volunteered for. Be the “superheroes” you signed up to be.

Do not get hung up on what you see in your life as yourself.

Your job, your height, hair color, economic status, family relationships, love-life, none of these things define who you are and they in no way reflect your worth.

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You are not your emotions, your thoughts, or your addictions and habits.

Neither is anyone else.

That does not mean be PO’ed at the makers of the Universal Plan. It has a purpose that we do not “get,” and that is ok. It is going to work out all right.

And guess who wins? God does! Yup!

So really, all you want to do is forgive the Original Error that made the Universal…

I would say that it is high time as a civilization, humanity started looking at the human condition as something beyond the "Christian Mythology" and addressed it for what it is. A very bad experiment in denial of self.

The world is not nice and love is not welcome here.

That does not mean that this is not our true heritage but until we are willing to see life for what it really is, which is a communally-false psychological paradigm created by smoke and mirrors we will not see the horror of it and be willing to have faith in…

Most great thinkers get there; if they have not lived their entire lives in that state.

Today our fascination within the life of the physical psychological maze we have given to our current consciousness that equals the validity of our existence is so frail and based on such unsubstantiated “truths” that it is no wonder that people fall off the grid in numbers that are alarming.

We have created identities that are so minuscule and unrelated to our truth that it is a wonder that as many continue the walk of worldly existence for as long as they do.


I really enjoyed this article!

I have come to the conclusion that the summation of religions is not to create dogma for physical existence but to step into the atonement (the undoing) of the original error of belief in the separation from God NOW.

Only this will put us on equal footing allowing us to have gratitude for a Creator that gave us all the right to create our personal destiny.

Sadly, the act of suggestion due to the young woman's belief system could very well have brought about the miscarriage.

I am not a believer in coincidences.

I do believe that those who are in positions of leadership carry a lot of weight and the thoughts of those they lead are directed by them because their followers have given them permission. That is what makes them leaders in the first place.

Society will move out of that need once we understand that we are the authors of our reality and we will not allow others to be "leaders" because we will see this for the threat that it is.

In my opinion, this is only because you, like the rest of us, have submerged the denial of your connection with your true identity within God.

"With the diversity of the people on this earth, doesn’t it stand to reason that infinite love would provide a multitude of channels to access that source? I think so. For that reason, I will not adhere to any particular religion, but I will honor my personal journey and the paths of fellow earnest seekers."

Wonderful conclusion to your article!

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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