1st Universal Reading for September 2023 Do You Desire to Understand That “God IS” Before Anything Else?

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
6 min readSep 14, 2023

ONLY THIS will release you from the attachment to the belief in separation from others, from self, from all that is, and from God.

Photo by Tony Eight Media on Unsplash …….. God Meets Our Faith Because God IS.

1. It could have been any of us, you know.

Jesus just happened to be the first thought that Christ had as He considered the possibility of separation. OR were there many of us already since creation had been set in motion and it just happened to be our eldest brother who had the tiny thought of the possibility of separation from God that blew into galaxies that had a false awareness of attitude of separation?

What may matter is that Jesus probably was the “fall” and the “way shower” at the same time. What this understanding (if only allowing that it is a possibility) would do is to help us see Jesus as an equal and needing OUR forgiveness as much as we need his.

Jesus accepted the Atonement first and fully, realizing that we are all ONE in the Mind of God and recipients of all that the Father has as well as reliant on the Father for ALL that we have and that we ARE!

Jesus has been attempting to get us to understand this throughout the ages and in the process has been learning through the Holy Spirit right along with us.

He is devoted to us, even when he makes mistakes like all big brothers do at times.

I have known Jesus by name since I was four years old and heard his name for the first time. I remember looking up. I know I did not see him with my human eyes, but I saw him with my spiritual eyes and knew that he was there watching over me.

It felt good and I am so grateful today because there weren’t really people that were watching over me in any real sense. Especially after the baby sister came along when I was six.

By then my stepmother understood the cruel weaknesses of my dad and I was sort of on my own in life. Thankfully, my little sis gave me a purpose in the household and made me feel like a contributor. I am not sure what my little brother held on to. ~~~

The point of this message was to say that it could have been any one of us who was the first to think of the idea of separation. Thankfully, the Atonement was in place BEFORE it was needed.

Everyone who accepted that possibility helped fabricate this false paradigm of a world that we believe we are in. This is from the fear that came from the guilt of betraying God.

Following the lead of Jesus in accepting the Atonement and forgiving the whole Sonship for anything that has come out of the fear the error brought on is something each of us needs to do for ourselves.

2. Time was given to Christ to clear up the confusion about the belief in the possibility of separation from God.

Remember that Christ is the Whole of what we are and includes dimensions and galaxies beyond the one in which we currently reside.

The beautiful thing is that when we step into the Atonement, Time ends for us, and we stand in the doorway of Heaven where the Holy Spirit helps us to undo the twisted thinking of the ego that kept us thinking we were separated.

3. Release all thoughts of guilt, shame, and embarrassment. You are a Creation of God.

This is not really as difficult as it seems.

Forgiving Christ as a Whole and recognizing that the issues that appear to be real and before us ARE FRUSTRATING and CHALLENGING even though they are not REAL and could never have been, will release us to just BE.

*** Without judging what we are and comparing ourselves in any REAL way.***

Do NOT think that you are going to suddenly turn into a SAINT and WALK ON WATER or something because you more than likely will not.

And you might curse or do other things that are not the nicest things to be doing.

Your emotions may be all over the board AND you might even do some terrible things by societies standards.

What you want to remember is that you have accepted the “undoing” qualities of the Atonement and that you now will be walking “your role” within the Universal Plan as guided by the Holy Spirit FOR THE BENEFIT of the WHOLE SONSHIP and BODY of CHRIST.

Then, as we let the Holy Spirit guide us one step at a time, we will be shown what has become habitual to us and what straps us into that foggy world of the betrayal of the Son that brought forth the ego who is determined to see us punished.

In accepting the Atonement, we have access to PEACE ~ because we know that God IS and that we can TRUST that ~, HAPPINESS ~ because we understand that every person and part of the Body of Christ is released from any consequences of the belief in separation from God ~, and JOY ~ because we know that the Holy Spirit walks with each of us and WILL guide us once we are willing to accept Him.

These are gifts of the Holy Spirit and will allow us to continue on the earth even while we are living amongst those who have yet to remember God.

4. God IS.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

God embodies all that creation could ever be within Himself and in desiring a Son to extend and magnify His persona eternally gave conscious awareness of existence to the Son.

The idea of the possibility of separation from God brought about an “explosion” of thought of what that might mean or look like.

But an idea that comes from ONE SINGLE SOURCE has no TRUE divergence from its origin.

ONE is all that there is or EVER COULD BE.

Breath, water, matter it all flows throughout all that is and is used and reused by all that manifests on this planet. Likewise, All That Is embodies that which is God recycling itself and creatively expressing itself in ways without number. God is like the “yoke” or the “ambilical cord” that feeds the Son and supplies Him with all that He stands in need of ETERNALLY.

It is only in the nightmare of the idea of separation that a sense of lack and betrayal or injustice could seem to be real.

The “ego,” IE the false image of the Son of God, seeks to prove its reality by showing its vulnerability and it does so in diverse ways in the lives of individuals and in society as a whole.

Eons have been spent in this mentality but only a single sincere moment is needed to bring things into focus as one willingly desires to know God.

The Holy Spirit is quick to bear witness of His existence once the fear of death and annihilation is released.

Or the fascination and addiction to the denial of God’s Presence is released. One could say it is an addiction and longing for abuse.

Sadism and masochism are part of the psychic makeup of those who deny God. For they prefer to harm themselves and others rather than embrace our collective value in the Presence of Our Creator.

I was given the opportunity to ponder on what truth would I desire to be real if I could only pick one.

I knew that “God IS” was the ONE TRUTH that I wanted to be real before anything else, including my own existence.

That willingness to put God at the top of my pyramid of understanding has enabled me to hold fast during turbulent thought processes that challenged my faith.

Till next time, God bless, debi.



Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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