This means that it really is "all about you" and how you engage with the moment is significant and has an affect on all that is. omho (Affect, not effect, because only God has effect and we have not united with Him as yet, we will, we just need to accept our own reality in Him first.)

You can get to a place where you are the "observer" and life becomes a moving meditation. I live it. And it does not present itself the way that others expect but I know who I am inside.

Wonderful article, thank you.

Maybe we need to think of socialization in a new way.

It seems that any time people come together you get a cult because some individual tells the others what is acceptable.

Even in Unity churches, I experienced this attitude and mentality.

Where are the society and social gatherings that teach people to think for themselves?

In faith, which believes what is true that is not seen, you know it is there.

The meme posted: …beauty will rise to bless your sight as you look upon the world with forgiving eyes. T-17, II,6:1 from A Course In Miracles, edited version.

I responded:

Gosh, I wish that was true. I know my testimony grows, and I love the world and myself more. But it has not gotten prettier though I do not doubt that as the Sonship’s vibration rises, it will. I guess you could say that I know that the possibility is there.

Doing the best I can.

He wrote back:

Debi Simmons, you don't do anything. Separate your awareness from this…

Nooo!!! At 64, I did the survey and I consider myself a very odd duck.

Makes me want to rethink being a Beta Reader for you "just because".

I am going to review chapter one of your book and see where it goes from there.

I am working on a book about the criminal element in the human psyche myself. Who knows, maybe it will be a good fit after all.

Only total absolution can grant us this. A complete acceptance of our innocence and insanity to think we could have left God or offended Him in any way would facilitate the harmony and communion you allude to so well.

I believed this for so long and it is absurd.

I keep my eyes open to discover what other mythologies or crazy ideas I have taken for granted which I accept or reject through what I call the Holy Spirit (a communication line between my highest self/consciousness and God).

Today, my faith in divinity, allows me to have a purpose in the madness of physical existence. That purpose being forgiveness of the belief in separation from God and all its subsequent consequences.

A sad perspective I understand some people have that I do not agree with.

I suspect that it is ourselves who have created the avatar through which to manifest our incompetence and worthiness of suffering and death for having separated from God.

I understand that you may disagree but I would say that consciousness is of the mind which does not necessarily have anything to do with the physical brain and may be more associated with a form that we have not yet identified as human beings.

I have come to suspect that our true essence is beyond anything that humanity has labeled at this point.

And I like the idea of existentialism over spiritualism because it gives credence to here and now as we find ourselves.

I believe our existence is what we are seeking to claim and what our creator is seeking to give us at this time.

Thank you for another stimulating article.

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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