We like to think that we are the only creatures who make up the Son of God.

But there is a lot more to Christ than meets the eye.

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It is my suspicion that humanity is the destination, in the mind of Christ, that manifests the “cream of the crop”.

The ones that have shown the dedication and focus to be able to put “Humpty Dumpty” back together again.

I know that it looks like we could not be more mixed up and incapable of taking care of one another and our planet, much less, galaxies without number, but this is exactly what I am proposing here. …

Phones, cameras everywhere, no longer need the town “snitch.”

And this might all be a good thing.

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Question: If we cannot escape the eye of the “other,” would it not be wise to consider the possibility that we all be looked at as one entity where the health (or lack thereof) of one aspect creates an impact on all other parts?

Is this not the future that we need to see that establishes freedom for all? And will it create a platform from which to establish a blueprint for the well being of all?

I suspect that this something that the Founders of the United States Constitution were trying to attempt. Perhaps it is what we are all seeking from different positions?

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But at least I can write again. One step at a time.

Now, you all know that I am just doing what I have to, to stay afloat in this world that is getting curious-er by the moment, right?

I can only write what my heart feels at the time and I do my best to make it uplifting and see that it is done with the integrity of the Spirit within me.

It is going to sound different to you because everybody lives in their own world that they have created in their minds.

Because of that we should not take it lightly when we are able to interact with others in a positive light. That is something that we need to give thanks for, imho. …

The energy was just too high. I skipped the election week altogether.

The emotional impact of everything going on in the world these past few weeks has had my equilibrium off. And I wonder too if it was not providence keeping me out of the fray of the political unrest we have in the states at the moment.

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I do not want to be in the midst of the struggle. I want to be aware of what is going on and stand in the faith that God has armies working on our behalf.

The Urtext of ACIM teaches that the Atonement is where we need to be and that we need to leave this “desert” because it does not supply our needs. The Bible and many other religions and philosophies agree; set this world aside for faith in a better one. That does not mean to accept tyranny or abuses in this place. It means we are aware of the confused state of the Sonship and that we do our best not to add to the confusion. …

I just want to hunker down and breathe.

It is powerful, and there is a part of me that just wants to go into hibernation, as far as the world goes, and stay in my witness that God is in charge.

Little things have been going amiss here at home. I had a couple of deaths in family and what felt like family. But I am not allowed to mourn with others. Then again, mourning really is a singular occupation because we each process it differently.

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Self-maintenance has been my lifestyle.

I know serving, and I enjoy it, but I find that self-care is what is required of me lately. …

Reflections 12–18 October 2020

Please bring the Spirit for translation.

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Jesus was the first consciousness of this fake world. That means he got the full benefit of the Law of Attraction FIRST.

And yes, that is how this world works, by Law of Attraction.

However, everyone here has at some point accepted the Universal Plan which leads to the Atonement that Jesus manifested with the Father/Creator, while under the influence of belief in the Error of Separation.

Everyone. Even the angels, aliens, multidimensional beings and anything else, because this/they are still all part of the oneness that is Christ.

That is is all that there is, you know. …

With Fixation on God’s Protection and Provision

Law, with its precedents on past events and decisions, would be eradicated.

There would be no need for it.

There would be no looking back at history (your version or someone else’s).

There would be an assessment of needs and wants, and creative fulfilment.

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There would be an eye single to God because all would know that only God provides and only when we allow it by giving Him our undivided attention.

People would be people, not religions, cultures, or demographics. And certainly not potential buyers and consumers for a market.

Families would be organized according to their ability to nurture, not whose appendage fertilized or carried an egg. …

The Atonement honors the self as well as others.

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We would only be human and sentient beings!

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Won’t that be wonderful!

What are you waiting for?

Jump in the At-One-Meant, NOW!

Check out my story at www.debisimmons.com

We need a new way to look at what life gives us.

I think we can agree on that.

Maybe not.

Not if you must point fingers at other contemporaries or your ancestors for all that ails you.

This post is for those who wish to see beyond the obvious and give inspiration an opportunity to have a voice.

Don’t let the facts get in the way of your imagination. ~Anonymous

Check out this article at Freedom Principles, At-One-Meant Now .

Blessings, always.

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Please bring the Spirit for discernment.

His Story

Your name, situation, and even your behaviors and emotions are all part of an elaborate play that has been worked out before we came here.

That does not mean that you do not have choice here.

But the choice you have is not the one you think you have.

You have the choice between two voices.

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That of your inflamed ego and that of your true self.

You are the Divine Son of God.

As is each individual that you see, and cannot see, around you.

You have a Guide in the Holy Spirit.

That still small voice that directs you to your highest good and being. …


Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

To exit “The Matrix”, we have to let go of the story of our lives, and history. “See” their impossibility, and acknowledge At-One-Meant. The Atonement Is NOW.

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