We need to get clarity on what we want and be it.

Our primary responsibility is to accept the Atonement that Jesus offers us in the undoing of the error of separation, which the Son of God believed briefly and released or had corrected.

In the power of that “instant,” there were parts of the Sonship who got trapped in the mental addiction of the error and insist that they are separate.

So powerful is their belief in this truth that they return to life on earth over and over to struggle and die, only to repeat the cycle and do not face the reality of their own divinity.

You offer them a witness of this truth of their divinity by accepting the Atonement, which acknowledges our innocence.

What is the Atonement?

Why I choose to stay in my body.

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I feel impressed to share why I do not get too involved in lucid dreaming, mediumship, or astral travel even though I believe in all of these abilities within the consciousness of the human mind.


I have a few favorite “channelers,” and some are my spiritual inspirations in this world of form. I have many guides that are not seen in form any longer as well. My daughter is a dear one. I love to hear her name in any form, anywhere.


The reason I do not engage in some…

There is no other way!

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The world of separation supports privacy to a fault!

Do not get me wrong! We all need our privacy or time to our own thoughts.

In the Atonement, we would allow that by virtue of respect for our own identity, which allows us to honor the other as God does.

Gathering time should be a place where we can share concerns of self and others under the umbrella of the Atonement.

The Atonement brings recognition that we are all one in God worthy of all that He IS as His Son.

This gathering should bring about greater joy for all and none needs to…

Compassion or indulgence and disparity? We decide that now!

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Compassion needs to be the lens with which we see!

It is that offering we extend to the Christ within one another and recognize with gratitude the Creator.

Change is for physical enjoyment and not required for peace of mind.

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This weeks reading:

Illness affects us when we close our minds to the Christ that we are.

Unitedly we make up the Sonship.
Only the Atonement frees us from our horrific illusion of being separate.
We allow a lot in our society in the name of gathering.
I would like to think that Covid19 gave us time to realize we have value with or without a group.

Your knowledge of others is to be based on testifying of God’s awareness and trust in them.

You know of this because by accepting the Atonement for yourself you see it in them.
You do this not by being vulnerable to their confusion, but by having healthy boundaries for yourself.

We all suffer from PTSD/Post Traumatic Separation Disorder. The remedy is the Holy Instant found within the Atonement.

The Holy…

Perhaps this was both what you thought would be great as well as leading to dystopian totalitarianism.

To which I would respond, "Do you see how well Christianity, in its corrupted form, has convinced you that humanity must be governed, corralled, guided, by peers who have superior understanding and discernment?".

You know, I do not care about the particulars of the Bible or any scripture. I care that the Father and the Son have been identified and acknowledged and that these works that tell me that I can have a relationship with the Creator via and Inner Voice which I know as the Holy Spirit is what is important to me.

I do not have to get involved in the politics, rumors, or fake news of the era. I can take what the Holy Spirit shows me is the truth that I need to respond to today and do so.

I appreciate any story that leads me into myself and the awareness of my presence in God.

Thank you for your article!

Wonderful metaphor for anything that we accept in world of form.

When we accept the world of form in any manifestation of "here is the answer to your problems", "here is the way". We are denying our true identity as a part of the Sonship of Christ whose everything is found in that recognition and the attending realization that we have the ultimate "Big Daddy" taking care of us.

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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