At-One-Meant Now, Reflections Week Two of September 2020

Seeing ourselves united as one being doesn’t have to be difficult.

It starts and resides inside our hearts and minds.

Until the Sonship is united in the Atonement and taken into the mind of Father/Nothingness, that witnesses itself in expression of temporary scenarios infinitesimally, PTSD will be a part of us.

That does not mean that we are “depressed” in a clinical sense, though many may be. It does mean that we are not in recognition of our true selves.

Why is this important to understand?

Because of our tendency is to get complacent and accepting of our circumstance for one thing.

Then, the ego distracts us by claiming others are the cause of our discontent when it is our own longing to be united fully in the creator, which is our birthright, that causes the disparity and longing within us.

Imagine this; when the big toe is aching the whole body knows it.

Likewise, when we are not united in our hearts and minds with all of humanity, and aware that we manifest our reality unitedly, we will be discontent to some degree.

No one is an island unto himself. And still, we think that another’s pain does not affect us.

We will eventually open our “eyes” and “see” the suffering.

Only then may we forgive it and create something new.

The Spirit of the Original Creator will comfort us and carry the majority of this burden, IF we allow Him to. This will not keep us from remembering the suffering that is in the world, rather it will allow us to be aware of it and not be overcome by it.

It is connected to the compassion we have for one another and is vital to the healing that so many are calling out for.

It may also be what is behind what we associate with the sex drive or the need to connect. The ego has persuaded us that if one other body joins with us then we are whole and nothing could be further from the truth for we are one with all creation.

Our ability to exchange love and to forgive will allow us to bring an awareness of “Christ” into focus.

Christ is not an individual body within humanity. It is all of creation, manifested and spiritual, this side of the veil and beyond.

Christ is that part of consciousness which has thought itself separate from God, imagining an ego beyond the original and only entity, God/Source.

This “Christ” that we will recognize will be seen as the only “enemy” and with love and forgiveness we will live in a fashion that allows him to gently awaken to the truthfulness of what he is as a beloved extension of the Father.

I am writing this while seeking with all my heart to listen to the whisperings of the Spirit. I have to admit that I am a bit surprised at the things that have been written here and what they imply and yet, can any other possibility be real?

It has been said that there is nothing new in the consciousness of humanity. Yet, I daresay that your experiences, and emotions about those experiences, give us an opportunity to share different perspectives on old issues. Your voice is important and needed today. Even if it is only acknowledged within yourself.

I know there is a lot of very influential teaching out there that says “do not ponder” and “do not think, much less over-think”. I do not support such a position.

Your emotions are signposts for you to navigate this existence.

And the art of mastering your thoughts, not denying them, puts you in the position of creating the reality as you wish to see it.

It is through processing your experiences while seeking understanding from others and in nature, as well as in all the arts, that you come to recognize who you truly are and your connection to all that is and ever was, or will be.

While to do the opposite may be a temporary fix for your sorrow or confusion; denying your own mind and will (choices) denies your heritage and power as a part of divinity and turns your identity over to anyone who desires to woo you into their “idea” of reality.

You may be very surprised at how many live in this construct and cling to it as if it were life and truth itself.

After all of that, to imagine that DEPRESSION is the fourth contemplation for this week is mind boggling to me.

“I can replace my feelings of depression, anxiety or worry (or my thoughts about this situation, personality or event) with peace.” So says the Workbook in the edited version of A Course In Miracles.

Curious thing about this statement is that one must SEE/HEAR/ACKNOWLEDGE the experience or it cannot be morphed into peace through forgiveness of the original error.

How many students of the Course acknowledge that? Very few from what I have seen in their classes, posts, and videos.

We do not have to prove ourselves worthy of God’s protection and love. We are His. As a Whole we are His. All the games of “got you last” fade away in the witness of your divine nature.

Depression may be part of a contract that you have in the Universal Plan to bear witness to the Whole that God IS. So I am not going to say that you do not belong there. That is for you to understand.

I can say that it is a symptom of the “inflamed” ego that chooses to believe it is separated from God and all that is and is bountiful beyond measure in any way imaginable.

It is not impossible for me to imagine that one may be entrenched in depression and still have a witness inside of the Atonement and the knowledge that all is well.

There are many variables of depression.

Depression itself may be simply the opposite of “in-spired” or in-Spirit.

And really, with all the lies and stories that are going on around us with people that we must interact with in our lives and may never have a clue what their world really looks like, is it any wonder that we might be a bit depressed?

Inspired or in-Spirit is the step just before the At-One-Meant were we join hands with those who recognize the false delusion that the “inflamed” ego has manifested and forgive the impossible that believes itself real.

It is a choice to hear the voice that says you have value and that your existence assists in the awakening of “Christ”.

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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