Chris Rock Handled it With Finesse and Decorum Putting What Was Important First

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
8 min readMar 30, 2023


This entire show and its backlash are a classic example of how the EGO PLAYS US against one another.

It also showed the strings that those in power pull by whatever means they have that divides us and troubles all of humanity for the benefit of a few. (Netflix, did you cave?)

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How we choose to see the world will make all of the difference.

The world, known by Jesus as what the ego made to replace God, would split us apart.

That is what the ego does. And we do not have to go along with it because that is not what we are. We are eternal children of God.

To divide us is its goal, well, that and death to everything because the ego believes that we are worthy of death because we separated from God.

The ego covers up the world that God would have us see where abundance and joy are the daily expression of existence.

I only watched Chris Rock’s Selective Outrage once (within 24 hours of it being aired) but it keeps coming to my mind and I need to speak out in behalf of the Light that the Wholly Spirit and Rock himself is trying to bring into the world. (I did watch it a second time and will comment on that later.) Here are my thoughts on the first viewing:

“I was taught… I was brought up… I was taught by my parents not to fight in front of white people.”

Timing is everything for a comedian. It is the way that he gets his message across. This final sentence he gave us affirmed his commitment to what he was doing and why. What I saw was a man committed to removing exclusion and separation from the society he found himself in.

He put down all the egos in the room (and world) equally, including himself.

He gave us the best that humanity thinks they have at the moment in the example of his daughter’s education compared to the life experiences of his mother.

However, there is a lot more to life than preparing a better world for the next generation because we are eternal beings.

We will have to figure out how to get along forever and eternally and how to let others do the same. Only by bringing existence into the Light will this be achieved.

I thought Chris handled himself very well and met the situation with dedication to his craft as a comedian. (I will admit that I was not familiar with him before the slap. I can be reclusive if truth be told.) I find his style to be refreshing and bold. I was very impressed.

I heard the apology or at least the claim that there was NEVER any desire to put Jada in harm's way.

The joke, in fact, that got him slapped, I felt was praise to her and Will that she was recognized and to acknowledge her COURAGE for taking on the effects of her body’s attack on itself and not shunning it.

That is his style of comedy if you listen to him.

This is comedy at its finest.

I commend Rock, Smith, the Oscars, and Smith’s wife for being willing to be a part of this adjustment to the human psyche because it is occurring whether we see and understand it or not. And I am not saying they consciously know they accepted these roles. It is my belief that they signed up for it, though, and I give them thanks.

They took on the attributes of the ego and the Wholly Spirit and showed us how they play off of each other.

We decide individually how we choose to look at this situation.

Will you side with ego or will you forgive ego and side with the Wholly Spirit who is trying to lift us all out of our belief in separation and segregation?

Even Chris Rock not being willing to go back to the Oscars is a thing of humility and respect for himself as a person and to the work that all three of these individuals have been about.

So, what, if we do not understand everything that each other does!!?!! I am referring to the interview Smith and his wife did over her physical dalliance with her son’s friend. That kind of shit is going to happen, and men have been getting away with it for ages! We need to get over ourselves and know that we are not our circumstances so that we may choose to see things differently and create a new existence, NOW.

The funny thing that I have learned about NOW lately is that until all that is in the dark has been brought to the light there is no NOW. Not truly in the sense that we will have it when we finally are able to live in the LIGHT which is God’s Love as it is shed on His Son.

The Wholly Spirit knows what is going on and we need to do what we are prompted to do for the benefit of the whole.

Meghan is lighter skinned. She is going through typical in-law issues to be sure. He can point out the silly things to bring them to light and throw them away so we can see what the issue really is. THIS is the role of the comedian. To help us laugh at ourselves so that we may see the real issues that need to be addressed.

Do you think Chris wants Meghan and Harry to alter their path? No, I do not think so for a minute. Rather, he is inviting us to see what is behind the issues presented that inclusion needs to be the way we live and think as an individual, as a society and as a human race regardless of any perceived differences.

The other topics he brought up as well show the depth of Chris Rock’s character and his devotion to humanity as a whole. From babies and women’s bodies to the inclusivity of the Kardashians and dating older women, his message of allowing everyone to stand in their own skin and have existence came through clearly to me.

And I love the fact that he wore the necklace designed by Prince to symbolize love in all of its forms as well as moving on from old beliefs.

Comedy is a VERY SERIOUS form of communication and revelation about things that show imbalance, injustices, and issues that need clarity. It brings things to light in a way that we can tolerate.

Sorry folks to burst your bubble, comedy is not just for entertainment.

I was going to say that “I suspect that Chris Rock does not care about my opinion.” And I realize that that is wrong. Why? Because my opinion, and yours, influences the Whole Consciousness of our Reality. We ARE ONE BEING believing itself divided. What you and I think affects ALL of us.

Each of us has and does in our own way clear away the idea of separation.
EVEN the thoughts that we have about these and so many other issues do, in fact, either bring greater darkness or bring light to the entire consciousness.

All forms of separation must be brought into our awareness, but a grudge cannot be held. It must all be SEEN and then RELEASED in FORGIVENESS.

Not the kind that shows somebody right and somebody wrong or the kind that lifts one up by seeing another as “less-than”. Rather, a forgiveness that says, “That is not who we are or who we want to be, period.”

We must allow the Light of God’s Love for His Son to be washed over each and every issue and incident until ONLY Light and Love remains. THIS is how the Son of God REPENTS. THIS is how REDEMPTION is found and experienced, not from God for an offense, but by His Son seeing His own error and correcting it by coming back into the Presence of the Father.

If that can be done with humor and laughter I say,

“Bring it on!”

Comedy is one of the greatest forms of language being used to bring Consciousness to its senses. And back to sanity once again.

I have to say that I am very impressed by this Chris Rock, and I applaud his fortitude and integrity in his craft. Well done!!!

Oh yeah, I have to comment about my second viewing of the Netflix comedy special which I thoroughly enjoyed the first time I watched it and felt a bit CHEATED the second time. Because of what was omitted.

When they edited the last part of the show, they took away Chris Rock’s voice.

How? By not allowing him to show just how concerned or touched he was over the incident at the Oscars. He is a professional comedian. He did not flub that joke accidentally, even if it was only done subconsciously. It was a confession that he was hurt deeply by what occurred between him and the Smiths because they have a role to play as people of color and on a personal level, he values not only Will but Jada too and believes in people’s right to be true to themselves however that presents.

I do not know if I am using the right words to express what I am trying to say. And I am not saying Chris Rock is not capable of speaking for himself. But as a part of the human race, I feel it is appropriate to speak on this because it is so pertinent to where we are trying to get to as a society and as a united consciousness.

I want to thank Netflix for doing what they did because it allows us to reflect on just what we allow the media to do to us when they use their influence to persuade us this way or that. And the influence we have on the media by what we insist they say. Not to mention the paparazzi with their invasion on boundaries of dignity so that we can put the screws to one another. Be it those in government or the grandmother who pinches your shoulder muscles with her nails does when they believe that you are not capable of thinking for yourselves and must be forced to comply, NO ONE has the right to tell you who you are and what you think.

We must stop allowing others to dictate or direct what we think. This is NOT freedom.

Did Netflix just do the editing of a LIVE performance because Chris had made an error? I will trust that they did. Yet in so doing they removed the core message and witness that Chris Rock was giving “that we hurt one another all the time” and we need to see it and acknowledge that it hurts while at the same time forgiving it all and moving on, focusing on the big picture of unity and abundance for all.

Netflix, Will Smith, Jada Smith, Chris Rock, and each of us play a role in the healing of the world and bringing the Light of Christ into it.

You may not like the way that they do it and that is okay. At any rate, I thank each of you for doing (or not doing) your part in the healing of the Son of God.

Worth repeating:

You may not like the way that they do it and that is okay.

At any rate, I thank each of you for doing (or not doing) your part in the healing of the Son of God.

Let’s not make this event another way to separate. Let us heal our wounds and be made whole.

Thank you for sharing this time with me. I pray I did justice to the thoughts the wholly Spirit was giving me with these clumsy words.

Till next time, God bless, debi.



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