Our perspective will decide what kind of year lies ahead.

This post is three weeks of readings I have done. The energy of the world has been intense. I offer it with the belief in a brighter day.


It matters not what we have control over in the world if we do not control our own thoughts about our worthiness and that of others.

Fear powers the ego that believes it must control.

We can choose to believe in a God of kindness and abundance rather than abandonment and punishment.

The power can only be claimed inside one’s own heart.

Not by claiming power over what God has given freedom to by creation.

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Having JOY in the moment allows you to alter the experience of the entire Christ Consciousness.

(This came up twice for emphasis.)

No matter what your situation or outside circumstance may be, you can tap into the joy of the Atonement and witness that you belong to God at any time.

This is something that you can manifest in a journal or a gratitude diary.

In meditation or observation of the breath.

You can eventually come to a place where you walk in “communion” with the Holy Spirit at all times.

Joy does not always mean you have a smile on your face, but over time you will find that it resides there anyway. Did you know smiling can release healthy chemicals in the system?

Do not be afraid to enjoy yourself.

You lift the world when you do. ❤

Illness of mind and body (and society) afflict us when we close our eyes to our own “being” or that of another.

(This message was also twice.)

It happens in families and society’s all the time. Then apathy and serious loss of memory and function occur.

Be careful though, do not point fingers and lay blame at the feet of another because someone, some group, or some society is ill.

They may be fulfilling an ancestral torment, meaning an expression of previous generations' thoughts and emotions that were not allowed to be expressed. (I believe in quantum physics and the idea that there is more than meets the eye.)

They may be part of the unique ones who are sent to teach us that human suffering is “not a part of God” through the “appearance of the opposite.”

The question is often asked, “Why is there suffering if there is a loving God?”

The answer is that because we are like Him what we think will manifest and time is given to us to understand that the terrors we see around us are only there because we have accepted them, in fact, invited them in our thoughts and as a collective.

Don’t forget we are One Entity/Mind. While still being individuals as the Atonement testifies because we each must do it for ourselves.

This is why it is vital that we set aside judgment when we see another suffering.

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To have our hearts filled with compassion and see our brothers and sisters as beloved Children of God no matter their current circumstance or demographic.

Bear in mind that when someone is in great pain, they will tend to strike out at others, so it may be that you will need to remember their truth as a Child of God from a safe distance.

It will be in Grace that you stand as a recipient of the Atonement.

(This was in the previous post. Father truly cares about us.)

As a little child, you will be able to make mistakes or take a fall, but you have a loving Father in God that will pick you up and set you on your feet again, taking pride in your accomplishments.

It matters not how many times you stumble. You will be given what you need to rise again.

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It may have to be in a different form, mind-set, or understanding, but you will rise to meet the challenge placed before you.

Have faith in this, and do not let despair or depression take your joy from you.

Yet, even if despair or depression is a part of your journey, joy can be tapped into because it is your true nature.

It is a sense of “knowing” and a sense of encouragement, and it can be against any odds.

Joy actually lies in a place beyond emotion, beyond all, that is here, and is a part of who you really are that the Holy Spirit will remind you of if He is allowed to.

You can use the things you are learning to give different perspectives to old issues.

As long as we see ourselves and others as not equal, and unworthy of the blessings that come with living a life of abundance we will fall short of our potential.

We must invite others to seek to know themselves as a Child of God by living that witness ourselves.

However, it is this very witness that we can have of the Atonement. That we are each authentic and worthy and His.

We can practice forgiveness and witness that the Creator gave us life and our equality that will bless us all as we acknowledge and honor it.

Time is happening all at once. There is only NOW.

Anything you do to stand in witness of the Atonement releases all the effects of belief in the harm caused by the Separation throughout the Sonship.

It is really easy to get sucked into whatever is going on in the world or with challenges that we all face individually even though they can be universal in content.

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It does not take a lot of decisions or actions to get into the atonement.

It simply requires that you will it to be.

That can begin with desire.

Rest assured that once it starts, there is no way it will not be fulfilled because this is who you really are.

Your recognition of this without judgement on yourself or others brings light to the Whole Creation that is Christ.

You may be able to see “their role” in the illusion. Still it may be that you are not meant to lift them up or “fix” the situation because of “their particular” role in the Universal Plan.

It is not meant that all things will be “fixed” within the illusion.

You only need to accept the Atonement, and their part in it, to bless them.

This is a big one. I find it especially difficult as a mother and grandmother.

Isn’t that my responsibility? To tell them what is amiss? And to assist them any way that I can?

I have several children and they are all adults; all but one with children of their own.

One huge thing that saved me from “the weight of concern” that I had for them was understanding that they are God’s Children and they have angels, guides, and His Spirit and Love to help them along.

It appears that the greatest gift I can give someone is the witness that they are a Child of God and that He will direct them. They simply need to desire and to listen. And this, I cannot do “for” them.

That does not mean to ignore a cry for help! Hearing this cry is important! But before you rush to assist, ask the Spirit to direct you as to the way to manifest that.

>>>>And be aware that the fearful ego who seeks to harm others often appears to be someone in need when in fact they seek to devour you or your spiritual energy. (IE the wolf in sheep’s clothing)<<<<

Forgive the original error, which is the thought by Christ that He had separated from God, with gratitude for that witness and all that blesses your life.

Forgiving the original error of belief in the possibility of separation from God aligns your consciousness with an understanding that everything that you see and experience here comes under that umbrella.

Everything you see, what you think you know, and even who you believe you are interacting with alters. That includes you. You understand that all that you thought you are has been “manifested” under that confusion.

With this perception it is relatively easy to forgive all error knowing that it simply could not have happened. Yes, even the worst of it.

That does not stop the need of restitution here and now. Notice I did not say vengeance.

But it does help you to see life as a stage upon which a play is acting out that you do not have all the story line to. The 1st and 3rd Acts are missing.

Rest assured they are in good hands and Jesus is totally in charge of the 1st Act. God, Himself, will fulfill the 3rd.

Allowing the Holy Ghost to take care of the future by releasing your hold on fear allows Him to clean up the attachment and trauma of the past.

This is really significant to the healing of the planet and “so much more”.

Once we are willing to allow the “possibility” of a Creator into our consciousness we can begin to watch for ways that we are being directed that may be outside our “normal” understanding.

Following intuition, gut, hunch, “a feeling”, all of these things are ways that the Holy Spirit communicates with us and lets us know that we are not alone and that someone with a greater understanding of the “big picture” is looking out for us and will give us guidance if we allow it.

Christian scriptures speak of it as a still small voice.

I get goose bumps when I am learning a new truth.

It can come in any number of forms once you are open to receiving it.

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Over time His guidance will allow one to give up the fear and walk into the Atonement where all things are made right and the joy that passes understanding resides.

I do not know about you but I know that Christ IS. He is all that I see or can imagine in this place of illusion.

He is in the process of awakening to His “full inheritance” in the presence of His Father.

You and I are a part of that which Christ IS.

I am grateful that I know that He has a Father/Creator that gives Him authenticity and that it is not something He gives Himself.

I am also grateful for the Holy Spirit that takes us gently by the hand and peals back the layers of our fear to reveal the relationship that we have with God/Father as His Son.

Love and gratitude will be my mantra for 2021. 2020 has taught me that nothing else matters.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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