Clearing the Way for 2022 and What I’ve Been Up To Since September 2021

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
13 min readJan 1, 2022

It has changed the trajectory of my life. Here is a recap to bring you, and me, up to date.

One might say it is really simple or not that big of a deal.

And frankly, I have no way of disclaiming that except for what I am experiencing within my own mind and heart.

What I did is begin Sun Gazing in all earnestness and with the intent to receive understanding from the closest manifestation of God within the world of the physical. I seek His direct instruction for myself and the Whole of the Consciousness of Christ so that I might use my body for His purposes of communicating God’s Love to His Son.

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I suppose it came about as an answer to the challenges of my year up to that point or maybe the ones that would be forthcoming.

I knew it would be a rough year because I had four direct descendants graduating this year. That meant two adult households would be moving into the empty-nester stage and that is a very disconcerting time of life. And two of these adults were individuals I had very strong ties to and I felt the energy of the impact that this would have on them. It was a powerful energy storm, to say the least.

I thought that would be the extent of the storms. Though there were two neighbors who lost close family members. Giving me cause for reflection on my own associations.

Then, beginning in October, several key people in my life would die, leaving their physical form and heading into new and different adventures. None of these were Covid related, just random deaths that in my life had not been common, or at least recognized by me as common, before that time.

Close to me would be three men with strong personalities that impacted my life who would transition, none were immediate family, and all were up in age or fighting ailments that had plagued them for years, even though they had maintained an independent lifestyle. They were significant to me nonetheless.

There was also a female. A public figure. The last of the core group who brought A Course In Miracles to the world. Since I had stepped into the stage of ACIM public forums the language had altered a bit and she left the world, for the most part, opening the door for interpretation and greater understanding of the Course, in my opinion anyway. For this, I will be eternally grateful.

While one could easily argue that relationships that we have in the world are not manifested by atmospheric conditions it would not be difficult to understand that the individual parties in any “relationship” have their own perspective seen through life experiences and interpretations likely unknown by the other party.

Therefore, what they truly have could likely be seen as a mirage, not having anything necessarily to do with reality, or truth, even if blood relation is a part of it.

I had thought through much of the year that I would remember 2021 as the year my family died. Today I realize it is the year that “the world” died for me. A result of eight years of intense personal study of A Course In Miracles..

Never again will I look upon anything or anyone as I have in the past. I have let go of expectations and more importantly the need to change anyone else. That does not mean I will not teach. Because that is how we best learn. It does mean I will be taking better care of myself in the days ahead and letting others do the same for themselves, or not if that is what they wish.

Lest you be concerned that I have become selfish I assure you that being self-centered has nothing to do with selfishness and much to do with seeing things a bit clearer than I had before.

I suspect that this will be the topic of a lot of my writing in 2022.

Please allow me to digress to clear out the cobwebs and review the trajectory of my life at this time:

The Spirit told me over and over again that right here is where I am to stay. In these physical surroundings that are nearby so that when I am finished with my earthly walk those that currently have input can take care of my physical affairs easily.

I have to admit that it has not been easy and that I may have received information that will forego that previous instruction.

It seems like once I have been in a location long enough to get comfortable and know my way around something happens and I am off on a new adventure. Time will tell.

I know that the near-death experience that I had at 20 prepared me for a lifetime on earth and the ability to go through the delusions of the world by holding fast to my memory of the love that Jesus and God extend to me and to all other’s that make up the Sonship of Christ.

In my 40’s I recall the sense of dying and going to heaven as I was given answers to things that had plagued me for decades. It had to do with verbal abuse and confirmation by the Spirit that it was happening and not just my over-sensitivities. Since then my life has warp-speeded in understanding, so much so, that I have “died and gone to heaven” many times.

The life I have lived would manifest what kept me alive in my 30’s when I would not take my life because “I did not want to have to watch my children go through life and its challenges and not be there to assist them”. Little did I know that this would be exactly what life would give me.

I have found out at the ripe age of 65 that there is little that I can do for them or their children. Oh, I have had some influence and my strength has given them courage in ways they may not admit but the Spirit bears witness to me.

They are grown now and their path is clearly chosen. Christ and God have no part in them or so they claim. That is what they believe and it is not my place to argue with them or convince them otherwise. And the ones who acknowledge Christ see a judgmental God that I no longer see.

I remember phrases like “bite your tongue” and “grow-up” when I was a teenager trying to understand the landscape of life. Today it is “let it go” put to song and cinematic glory to tell us we have no right to question life as it has been given and perceived by humanity. But the grandeur does not make it a truth.

Rather than find out what life really is, we accept distractions and addictions and temporary sensual comforts of all sorts to give us a definition to life. And with that, we count ourselves blessed.

I just cannot accept that. I know that there is another way, a better way and Jesus has given it to us and we simply refuse to hear it.

When I speak up on behalf of Jesus and what he is trying to share with us in the Atonement I get countered with lovely memes right out of A Course In Miracles like:

“I am here to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him who sent me.

I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He who sent me will direct me.

I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me.

I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.” ACIM T-2.V-A 18:2–6

It feels as if the way they use this gives license for those they deem worthy as able to say whatever they will and not be questioned as well as to tell those whose words they do not approve of to be still. It is really disturbing whether it is done knowingly or not.

Jesus was not telling us to be quiet or not acknowledge error but rather to be mindful of the Holy Spirit who will shine the Atonement through it so that we may be directed in the path least destructive for correction. Keeping in mind that no one will be forced into a recollection of God before they are willing to do so.

I have been recording my understandings of the Workbook of A Course In Miracles which I will publish this spring. A second volume will be my comments on issues that came up in conversations online. They are on topics that I would love to have heard about when I was a teenager and trying to figure out how to manage in the world.

It is possible to experience both heaven and eternal life while in our mortal bodies.

Our current experience is an unveiling.

The Atonement is the gateway and it is available now.

Jesus Christ was the first individual consciousness within time to understand that he had not truly separated from God. He received this understanding from the Holy Spirit and I also believe he had a memory that you and I do not. One of being one with God. This is why we may have faith in his witness of God and that union.

Sin and hell are an impossibility because God IS and only His Will is done. Jesus became Christ, the Son of God by forgiving the belief that the Son could be separated from the Father. This would also forgive all of its consequences, whatever form they may take or however long that may “appear” to be real.

He teaches that you and I may also step into that awareness with him, thus recognizing ourselves as the Christ, and becoming the Atonement, even as he is.

The Atonement realigns our psyche with God’s Will through communion with the Holy Spirit and will literally lead you to heaven on earth and eternal life because the past and the future no longer control who or what you are.

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Back to the Sun Gazing.
It has evolved and I have no doubt that it will continue to evolve for me.
It is a very personalized practice.

At first, I was thinking of the fact that solar energy will actually sustain us to the point that food is no longer a requirement. I had a two-week experience of detox and losing my appetite for food entirely. This was very new to me as I had fasted in years past but never lost my appetite.

It was a disappointment when I shared my adventure with the leader of an online group I was in and they talked about how people have to eat etc. as if I did not know how to follow my own spiritual path. So after losing 20 pounds I stopped going to the sun and in about four days I was able to start eating again.

When I approached it again a few weeks later I did not focus on the food aspect but sought the instructional component of the experience.

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To be fed intravenously by the Holy Spirit is something that I experienced during my years of working in the temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is being in the presence of God with the intention of receiving what instruction He would have for you, knowing that it is received by your spirit and would come to your awareness as it was needed or you were ready to hear it.

This is the way that I approach Sun Gazing and the results have been incredible. I have deep awareness and awakenings of a spiritual nature. My psychic abilities seem to be improving as well as my emotional stamina and tolerance. Or is it endurance and patience? Perhaps they all play a part in the scenario.

For those familiar with my writing, you may notice a deeper resonance, especially with the post from 28 December 2021. Deep and wide are my thoughts and comprehensions within my sphere of association in the world.

After the gazing, I do my devotions in the presence of the sun often sitting in my car to do my reading. In the future, I plan to make better use of the moon’s energy as well. She may well pull the tides but I also believe she has the capacity to assist us greatly in our spiritual and metaphysical understandings and potentials.

We each have options of where we can go for understanding the world in which we live and our role within it. This is where my journey has led me.

In the past, I tried to listen to those around me; authority figures of all sorts, peers and professionals. In my late twenties, I entered a church that claimed it had the authority of the priesthood directly from Jesus Christ and I gave it my all for thirty years.

But there came a time when I could no longer support the things that were being taught there. Partly because people did not honor what was taught but mainly because there was a glass ceiling over me where my understandings had to be curtailed according to what those in the Priesthood understood and did not honor its own teaching that it is the Holy Spirit that one is to learn to follow.

I no longer attend the church now because I do not support its understanding of its own doctrine or the framework from which they operate. I have been studying solo for just over five years now.

I still follow the last admonitions that I remembered from the leadership there though; to follow the Holy Spirit and to bear witness to the world of my understanding and testimony of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is a path I have claimed for my own.

I cannot take full credit for this. Life circumstances which I believe angels and unseen guides have helped me live the life that I planned prior to coming here and put my family in alignment so that I understand I do blaze a trail that others will be able to follow if they are willing to do so.

I think I mainly want to show that it can be done. I think this is what Jesus did when he was on the earth as well.

It has been a grand adventure that so far has encompassed over six decades. Finding A Course In Miracles in 2013 was a gift that I will be forever grateful for. I studied it on my own for seven years before I went into a public forum to share my understandings.

I am very grateful for that solo study time because the way that people have interpreted this work, not to mention its various drafts and manifestations, has given the world a very false understanding of its teachings. That is my impression anyway. And the teachings of the Course are so diverse and do not hold fast to a common universal experience from what I have seen.

Of course, it will be expressed in as many ways that there are people but there is a simple theme that runs through the Course that leads all to heave and eternal life.

Having studied many of the popular voices in the world for the past 40 years I see its influence. Even within the church that I attended that claimed to be so attuned to the Spirit.

Sadly, it has led many to have followers and even what one might call wealth in the physical world but the spiritual objective of the Atonement was short-changed.

The construct of selecting Love over Fear has been misconstrued in such a way as to confirm Fear and its “impossible reality” by promoting the concept of facing it through such extreme measures as fire-walks and such.

The only way that FEAR will not be the dominating emotion of this world is to let our ideas about what this world is go by the power of the Holy Spirit and let Him show us another world entirely that resides in the heavens and is graced by God’s welcome presence.

Each of us is a part of bringing this true reality into our awareness.

Jesus says that the Final Judgment will last millions of years.

This is because we each have a part in it and it is not until each one of us accepts the Atonement and our perfection and innocence in God that it will be complete.

But this does not mean that the conditions of the world will not be moving in a positive way. Bear in mind that the Son of God is not only that which is manifest on this planet. It is all that is, seen and unseen, in this universe and dimension and in all other dimensions and multi-verses.

Are you getting a bit of a better understanding of why it may take millions of years?

It is currently my understanding that the earth is the nucleus or prenatal birthplace where individuals choose to reside so that they may be a part of the healing order for the entire Sonship.

In other words, the darkness we are so aware of here is made purposeful by God’s intention to create a “task-force” if you will, for those who are willing to teach throughout creation with patience, steadiness, and complete and stable knowledge that God IS and ALL IS WELL.

I believe with my whole heart that you and I have accepted this task. And while it may take several lifetimes to learn all we need to prepare for this work, what is that in the life of one whose existence has no end?

I acknowledge you, each one past, present, and future, with respect and gratitude for your willingness to enter this great work. You who are reading this are in the forefront, but make no mistake, not one will be left behind when all is said and God. God’s Son(ship) is whole. innocent, and complete.

This is a scenario that is already understood to be well done.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.



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