I am not sure I understand your comment, Chowa.

All should be allowed to live and practice faith as they see fit.

None has any business claiming supremacy.

We are the Creation of the Creator, as a whole, none divided or separated, and that is what the USA supports in its declaration of being under God.

Extremists who separate and teach hate are not healthy for any society no matter who they are or where they are; in a family, in a nation, or in a world.

We must recognize our At-One-Meant before the Creator and know that our blessings come from the Creator, not ourselves.

Only then will we seek to understand those who are hurting as seen through the expression of anger or tears.

Only then will we choose policies that lift all within its boundaries.

Only then will we offer an education that creates acknowledgment of value for life and individuality, instead of spreading bigotries, political agendas, and quite frankly, hatred.

Only then will we commit to an anti-bullying ideal in every community, nation, and closet.

Only then will we give those who are addicted, to all sorts of things, a reason to let go of addiction so that they can pursue their life in a balanced way.

Only then will we give a true ray of hope to those who sit in the darkness of despair and depression in their own minds, by showing them that we stand as a Creation acknowledge the Creator and have gratitude for all of our diversity.

Showing them that they are welcome to express their true being so that we all can be edified, instead of blocking the talent, beauty, value, and expression of any individual.

Political correctness will be seen for the camouflage that it is.

"Not ruffling feathers" will not be the norm, instead we will invite difficult conversations, publicly, and we will listen until both parties agree they understand what the other is saying; so that if there is oppression in any form, towards anyone, it is relieved, and compensated for, if appropriate.

This will help end the atrocities being done by those with smiling faces.

"If they look good or are rich they must be blessed beyond others", NOT true.

"If they have their Ph, D's they must be superior and more worthy of Creator's love and our admiration." NOT true.

No, a different choice of life's expression does not equal greater worthiness.

Your question prompts me to ask myself if there is one "ism" that we would benefit from acknowledging as correct.

What about "Creationism"? The acknowledgment that we all have a United Creator that seek s to bless and uplift its Creation in all its humane forms of expression.

There is One Superior, that I acknowledge and that is the Creator of the Whole.

I do not care what name it is given.

I do recognize that without acknowledging its "being universal", we will continue to feel justified in claiming that "our corner of civilization" is the only correct way.

This will not sit well with atheists and those whose narcissistic tendencies say that the world must only function per their ideals.

I am seeing my "prejudice", Chowa.

I do believe in a supreme being.

In fact, that is all I believe in, if "being real" is that definition.

I would rather choose my own "non-being" than to believe that anything but Creation's joyous will be promoted and experienced by all, in all of its diversity.

Would you let me know, Chowa, if you think the Dalai Lama would disagree with any of these statements?

Respectfully, Debi

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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