I cannot help but wonder if you picked up a past life of the young man that you connected with.

I do not have experience with drugs for personal reasons. Though I did go to a sweat lodge a couple of times on my spiritual quest.

I thought your post was about a real NDE, however, I do respect what you shared.

I found your comments about what existence may be in this sphere to be similar to the spiritual understandings that I have come to about life on earth after a lifetime of finding no safe haven.

These awareness-es have opened my eyes to the reality that we are the saviors unto ourselves and each other, hand in hand with Jesus and all of creation. It has helped me understand how the promises of Jesus may be fulfilled.

For if we are truly creators of our own artificial universes at this time, does it not make sense that, if we could find a place that is unified over all creation, we might be able to allow each other the freedom we seek, without the fear of attack or self-sabotage?

Such a paradigm would need to acknowledge a universal source of creation before ourselves.

I believe this is what Jesus was trying to teach us.

Governing bodies manipulated his teaching and took away that which bore witness of humanities natural innocence and worth.

How else would they rule, if not by fear.

The paradigm we seek must "fit" for all creation and not be a religion, but an understanding of our value in the eyes of the Creator, whatever definition you may give to him/her/it.

Now, imagine that Jesus, in spirit form, was the first to step into this place where artificial universes might be experienced.

And say the Law of Attraction is a component of this illusion-ary existence.

Is it not possible, because he was first in spirit, that his vision would encompass all of ours, making him aware and capable of assisting in ways that the rest of us cannot?

Maybe even so much so, that he would be the one to lead us out of the place of illusion and into the place of reality?

Yet, we would have to agree, or yield, to his leadership, because his being a son of the creator, as are we, would give him no greater authority over us.

Could we just be lost in this factitious place for a time, till we are willing to step into the place where we know we are in the creator and his protection as is everything?

This is my understanding of the Atonement today.

And I do not believe it has to wait until we die.

It is meant to be experienced by us now.

As we do so, one at a time, the light will grow and others will remember and join us, until the whole world stands lit with the knowledge that we are a single entity, expressing itself in diverse ways; loved, cherished, protected, abundant, valued beyond anything we can imagine by the Creator.

This would be a world I would be glad to offer to my great grand children.

This is a world we can ignite today, one individual at a time.

Forgiving the Error of Separation that began when the entity, we have met as Jesus, stepped away, and thought he had separated from God.

In that moment the error was fulfilled and corrected.

In that context, this world is able to fall away, and any offense is seen for what it is, "confusion on the part of an extension of ones self".

Continued blessings on your journey and desire to lift humanity.

It can be now, if we choose it.

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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