The energy was just too high. I skipped the election week altogether.

The emotional impact of everything going on in the world these past few weeks has had my equilibrium off. And I wonder too if it was not providence keeping me out of the fray of the political unrest we have in the states at the moment.

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I do not want to be in the midst of the struggle. I want to be aware of what is going on and stand in the faith that God has armies working on our behalf.

The Urtext of ACIM teaches that the Atonement is where we need to be and that we need to leave this “desert” because it does not supply our needs. The Bible and many other religions and philosophies agree; set this world aside for faith in a better one. That does not mean to accept tyranny or abuses in this place. It means we are aware of the confused state of the Sonship and that we do our best not to add to the confusion.

Christianity teaches that the Atonement is on the other side of death. So you simply endure the hardships and get a reward later. For some reason, this may place the do-gooder in a position of thinking they are better. Thus, it still breeds the concept of Separation.

New Age says it is in the Moment. Some say it is for creating a new world by denying the existence of this one, even while here.

What Jesus has tried to tell us is that “the world we want is inside us”.

There, and only there, will we change the world. Not as a single monk sitting on the hillside but in the awareness that we are all ONE created by the power that gives us our Voice.

Sadly, we have lost that Voice because we felt unworthy and separated from God and from our very self.

The EGO plays chameleon and takes on a new look, whether it is in the one individual part of the Whole looking to recreate itself, or in societies at large.

It is the same picture intrinsically.

Acknowledging “all that is” as Christ, the Son of God, and that He (meaning the Whole of Christ) has ATONED (undone) the damage of the error of Separation, is our only place of refuge, as I see it.

It is the only place that really gives us faith in one another, as well as faith in a Creator of us as a whole.

Having accepted the ATONEMENT, I can forgive whatever has been or whatever may come. As I wait patiently for each to awaken to who they are.

And remember, in the Atonement, tyranny is not possible. It is only in the belief in separation that it appears so.

To the reading from October 26-November 1st:


Once in the Atonement ourselves we want to stand as witnesses to the divinity of the manifested world and forgive that which tears down humanity because it has no place in truth.

Bear in mind that Power-Hunger is not often seen for what it is. Remember the “wolves in sheep clothing”?

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And it is not Power-Addiction, either.

Power-Addiction is where if you do not fit into the construct of the person they simply eliminate you from their circle.

Power-Hunger will use manipulation to see that you comply with their view of the world.

I do suspect that it is possible for one to slip into the other once the Power-Hunger scenario does not play out.

Is this why nations have to crush others? Whereas ideologies simply quarrel?

Standing in your freedom is not the same as Power-Hunger. Why?

Because it desires not to control anyone else.

It stands in its own space and asks that all others have the same things that it desires: Safety and access to that which makes life fulfilling.

I know it seems as if we can have this on earth when others do not but that will never satisfy because we are One.

Could that “dissatisfaction at the top” have to do with the construct that we are truly ONE?

Unless the whole of Christ is free, no one truly is.

This is the role that Jesus has taken in the Whole of Christ.

This is really our choice.

To stand in our freedom as a Whole, will eventually lead to non-manifestation, then the WHOLE will be received into God where it always was.

The unity that we desire as human beings is not found in our governments.

The role they are to play is service and ensuring rights are upheld for individuals.

Are individuals really capable of making decent/humane choices individually? God says that they are. And that is a question for those who are in this world to decide individually.

Accepting the Atonement is the number one goal of this existence.

When you accept the Atonement you accept it for all of the Sonship, as did Jesus when he accepted it. That is why, I believe, it can be said that the struggle is over and the victory won.

Does this mean when one is healed all suffering leaves the existence of the Whole?

No, it means we will be more content to be on our own and help out where we are able.

It means that we desire all to have sovereignty and choice.

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The colonization of North America is a good example of freedom seekers who were still in the world’s/ego’s mindset of being separate entities that do not serve the Whole.

When the Native Americans were de-culturalized and not allowed to practice their beliefs or even language, were the invaders seeking to dismantle a group to ensure their freedom or were they dismantling a construct built on freedom? And in so doing, dismantling their own faith and belief in freedom?

Having left European dominance they brought the same bully tactics onto this land and insisted things be their way and that they would decide what served the masses.

Only the Atonement understands what freedom is because it gives it to everyone and not just one individual or one group.

The Atonement would have room not only for freedom and tolerance for every sentient being on the earth but for every being outside of earth as well.

When we meet, we want to meet in awareness and the mindset of the Atonement. This means if meeting together causes a sense of division let it go.

You might want to read that again. It is something that each of us will need to face one situation and one circumstance at a time.

When meeting with others when we stand in the witness of the Atonement we acknowledge them and are willing to allow them to be heard and to express where they are right at this moment.

If it is harmful to them or us we will take the action necessary or leave. We will do so in peace though continually aware that we are One Whole in the Atonement.

I want to speak of that quote “Where two or more are gathered, there God is.”

I declare that is referring to bodies and bodies are not real and cannot be “in God”. That is why worldwide prayer and meditation unites us and is effective because the power is sent in our thoughts and intentions.

The only place the Atonement or centering in God in the recognition of the Whole of Christ is within the Self/Heart/Mind/Soul.

As such you can be alone and with the Whole and likewise be with many and feel separate.

Taking care of me represents taking care of the Whole.

This would suggest that perhaps meditation alone would be a greater influence than being a professional speaker to thousands IF ONE IS IN THE CORRECT RIGHTMINDEDNESS of the Atonement.

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And not just a glamorous or indigent audience.

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Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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