I Was Just Going to Write that Decisions Made Between 15 and 25 Set Up Life Issues…Spirit Had Other Plans


I let Him show me what I need to say and do moment by moment.

From my observation and study, the formative years, 0–8 create the inner voices you will have as an ego.

From 8 -12 years old you are experimenting with your personal functionality within the world.

Choices that a young person makes within the world of form between 12–15 and 25 years old establish the issues they will have for the duration of their lives.


If we could remind them throughout their formative years of their connection to “all that is” we would serve them well. Teach them to look within instead of outside for affirmation of their value. This is an excellent time for meditation, tapping, acupressure, and languages to be taught. Sing lullabies of thanks to the True Creator of All That Is, IE. of the True CHRIST.

Instead of teaching them cult behavior by having them believe some individual of form provides for their needs, we might teach them to reach inside to the True Giver of All Things Real and Eternal. And show them connection with what appears to be the outside world through gratitude and respect for all that is, as part of themselves, by doing no harm.

Do this personally, a certain “head start” program is already teaching them that you have little value. As a parent, be the one that teaches them of God, Creator, Father, by whatever name you wish to call Him/Her/It but make it a personage “that they can count on as the Source of anything that is Real, that is greater than themselves.


From 8 -12 years old you are experimenting with your personal functionality within the world.

See that they have opportunities to engage with others in the world of form and test their spiritual muscles in making right-minded decisions and choices.

Right-mindedness is making choices that honor the Creator and His Son that DO NOT involve sacrifice but total sharing of the witness that God IS through faith, not in what is seen, but in what is not seen that is true.

They will not see a “cripple” or a “homeless person” or a “whatever society is attacking today.”

Instead, they will see CHRIST in all that is. The Son walking Hand in Hand with Father, sharing whatever “story” is best for those they will meet to engage with society.

Teach them that we are each living out a role in the Universal Plan of Salvation that WILL restore each part of the Sonship of Christ to the remembrance and embrace of the Father from Whom ALL Blessings Flow.

Teach them that they are able to have their autonomy and not infringe on others.

Teach them that judgment has no place in the world of form. That is the role of the Holy Spirit Who sees the “ego-costumes” we wear and knows who we truly are as perfect, whole, and innocent Children of God.

Teach them by example to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit within them to establish healthy boundaries that allow the “war of the ego” to rage without feeling the need to defend oneself or attack the other in their delirium/dream/belief in ~ what is not real.

Avoid language that supports lack or attack.

Teach them not to ever give away their power and that ONLY they can do so.

Teach them how you gave them their power when they came with the belief of separation from God by teaching them through example that He Exists and gave All That Is existence.

Teach them that form will change constantly but their relationship with the Father is eternal.


Choices that a young person makes within the world of form between 12–15 and 25 years old establish the issues they will have for the duration of their lives.

These are the years where we support them by example and by honoring both our autonomy and theirs.

We can and SHOULD be able to counsel them about decisions they are making though the decisions must be theirs alone. As difficult as that can be when they make decisions that are going to give them a “bumpy ride.”

You want to remind them of healthy boundaries, not only for themselves but towards others.

It is NOT OKAY to take advantage of someone in any way just because they will let you.

That being said, there will probably be little that you can do to direct them through these years.

Do not become a victim yourself of giving up your life for their choices.

God is their provider as is He yours.


And where is sexuality, physical maineanance, and civil responsibility in all of this?

That will depend entirely on the individual and the era within which they reside.

These things need to be met by listening to the still small voice within that says that you are a part of God and the bigger picture.

The Holy Spirit will direct each of us with these issues.


Our mental foundation and witness of God within and without our physical and mental engagements will place us in a position of “creation” rather than “storytelling” and “fabrication.”

The Holy Spirit will lead us one step at a time into an existence that is NOT burdened by guilt, shame, envy, fear, and so forth.

We will find ourselves not afraid of “ourselves” or each other and we will learn to TRUST the guidance of our INNER GPS, the Holy Spirit.


You know, I had intended to write maybe two sentences about how choices made in our teens and early twenties set the stage for our issues in this lifetime and THIS is what came out! LOL

I trust the Holy Spirit with all of my heart.

These things are shared (as always) from my understanding today and you must be responsible for how you might use it.

I have always felt a strong responsibility to teach what I understand because very early on I KNEW that we just don’t get it.

My faith came with me as a gift from the Holy Spirit but it is my efforts to apply it and to share it that allows it to grow within me.


Till next time, God bless, debi.

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