I would say that it is high time as a civilization, humanity started looking at the human condition as something beyond the "Christian Mythology" and addressed it for what it is. A very bad experiment in denial of self.

The world is not nice and love is not welcome here.

That does not mean that this is not our true heritage but until we are willing to see life for what it really is, which is a communally-false psychological paradigm created by smoke and mirrors we will not see the horror of it and be willing to have faith in a true identity that is beyond anything that this world can offer. And is the only thing that identifies freedom, peace, and joy and that is within the mind and heart of the individual.

Anything manifested in the world at this time is resoundingly a separated creation denying its wholeness and perfection in all that is.

Only in our minds and hearts can we restore sanity and finally be rid of the duality that this life offers which is personified by the feminine womb.

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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