It is Possible For Humanity To Comprehend Its Divinity

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
8 min readJan 19, 2022

And it IS imperative that it do so.

The world of ego where there is no real substance and only smoke and mirrors or cardboard and duct tape may still be satisfying for some temporarily, and in an eternal sense that temporary could be a million years or more.

This is not who we truly are though.

We are divine creations of a Loving, Attentive, and Gracious God who knows we will get over our tantrum sooner or later. ❤

You are not able to bash another without bashing yourself. When you build up another you build up yourself as well.

When we speak about what hurts each other are we bashing each other?

Or are we looking at what we are doing to ourselves and how we are denying the love that God so wants to share?

Is not His opinion and His outlook the one that we want to be focused on?

When the ego is in charge, we are taking circumstances to be personal attacks on our value.

Knowing that we ARE the creation of God and ALWAYS as He created us, when we acknowledge that which harms one another in any way we want to be looking to remove blocks that stop the love that God has waiting for us all.

We do this by remembering we ARE the creation of God and ALWAYS as He created us no matter what presents itself to say otherwise.

If you will only acknowledge this in your heart and mind you will be changing the tide of the course that humanity appears to be on.

It is as little children, we partake in the Atonement and grace causes the world to disappear as eternity meets our gaze.

No matter your age, you are a CHILD of God. And will ALWAYS be as you were created.

That knowledge, and it is knowledge because it comes from the Holy Spirit, takes the sting out of the world and its sorrows.

You know that the confusion and death that the world appears to be founded on is not the Kingdom from which you come. And never will be.

This is the witness that fills your heart with joy and with peace.

Patience is natural to one who trusts God because he knows that nothing real can be threatened and that all that is unreal will fade away.

I know this to be true in my heart of hearts. You can know it too!

It is right to want to know how another truly is.

After all, we are a part of each other. This gives us meaning. Being a part of the Sonship of Christ and of Christ within the Father.

When I attended the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we had Visiting Teachers and Home Teachers. It at least seemed like we looked after one another.

It was a practice that helped me get used to the idea that I represented Christ.

Today, with the assistance of A Course In Miracles and the Holy Spirit, I know that I am a real part of the Christ-Sonship as is all of creation.

I am not sure that I believe in visiting people any longer but I do believe in having a portion of my heart focused on a prayer of revelation for all to know the love of God and who they truly are.

We are united in the Sonship and one does not harm himself without it being felt throughout. Likewise with a blessing.

What we want to do is raise the temperature or variance between the two so that we are blessing more than we are harming ourselves. Believe it or not, we ARE moving in that direction.

Each of us takes a part in that. And it is internal work.

As such, we have the ability to heal the separation that is only as thick as a cloud on a foggy day. And I apply this metaphor to ALL that seems to separate.

Photo by Fabrizio Conti on Unsplash

Accept your “feeling out of place” as a sign that you are a part of the transition of the human consciousness.

It is this “oddness” that makes you capable of being aware of the need to forgive the world.


Because you are able to “see” the inconsistencies and disparity that the ego-minds have imposed on the entirety of creation.

Knowing that you are a part of the whole through the Atonement makes this much more palatable.

What evidence do I have that the ego thought system has put us in a decatant place?

The death and destruction that is all around us. Guilt, punishment, and fear make this world go round.

There may be temporary “flowers” that are allowed to bloom because our true nature in God cannot be fully suffocated but that just feeds the egos’ thirst for discontent. It declares, “See how it dies, and ever so rapidly, it must not be real.”

What is not real? Our joy that we experience in the presence of “flowers.”

We cannot imagine what existence could be without the darkness and all the thought-creatures of fear that lie there.

Use your discontent to help humanity push beyond its apathy and into eternity where we truly belong. That place where “flowers” always bloom.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

We each have a higher self that planned our place in the world so that it might serve the greatest good for the whole.

I know that people speak of coming to earth to “learn things” but what I am understanding from Jesus in ACIM is that we have “knowledge” in our true state and knowledge is not separate from anything nor does it NOT include everything within its essence.

Knowledge, in a manner of speaking, is who you are.

Why? Because of who created you.

It was not your society, your family, not even your personality, it was God; the creator of you who is all-powerfull, all-knowing, and everywhere who endowed you with the same attributes.

There is a Universal Plan in place which Jesus and other ascended masters coordinate for our greatest good, and will restore the small part of Christ’s Mind that got caught in the innocent thought of the possibility of separation from God and itself.

We are all a part of this great restoration.

The pull of trauma is so strong that we need powerful minds that are willing to recall the exquisite (one could even say orgasmic) existence that permeates peace, safety, and even solitude in the sense of being whole and embracing all that this means. The assistance of the Holy Spirit is required to attain this state of mind, whether you acknowledge Him by that name or not.

How can we embrace this opportunity when we feel we must pursue more possessions, more popularity, more power, and more influence?

All of which come from a distinct belief in lack, loss, decay.

One will NOT EVER have enough!

Never having those appetites satisfied we also believe there could be other identities who would consume more of that we seek and leave us shorted and lacking once more. It becomes a case of “got cha last”.

Which is so BOGUS, because in God you have EVERYTHING!


This is where the Atonement comes in and we must be willing to accept a totally different mind than we have previously been willing to accept.

Forgiveness of the belief in separation is a must. Followed by a willingness to go into the dark (unseen) territory of FAITH IN GOD ALONE and not in the self or in creation.

Let the desire of the adrenaline rush and titillation come from letting go of the very “gravity-thought” that holds you to this world.

Give Jesus a chance and he will take us into a place where we will get all the “rush/fix/orgasm” we can withstand and it will not only be satisfying but will be everlasting in such a way that nothing can remove it from our awareness.

It is there right now. It is glowing within you. It is only guilt and fear that seem to cover it up.

If only we would fall in love with God, we would know our true place in Him and in all that is.

Understanding we are one in God and that He supplies all our needs should show us we have no power to influence others one way or another.

This is something that the ego-mind does not see or accept at all.

We look out at the world, especially those we feel close to or responsible for, and want to make things all better for them.

Or maybe it is those who have more than we do or something we feel is lacking in our lives whether it be love, influence, education, or power. Then we want to strip them of it, even if that STILL means we will have to do without.

I bore several children and watched them grow. I had some impact on who they are but let me tell you, each one decided who they will be and how they will engage with the world.

It comes from within us and this is as the creator designed us. It is good.

While we cannot “fix” others, we can accept the Atonement and take our place in bringing light, healing, understanding, and knowledge into the world.

Each of our lives reflects the particular circumstances and scenarios that would awaken a discontent so strong that we would be willing to let go of the world we see and have Jesus replace it for us as we enter the Atonement.

Whether you were born to struggle or you have abundance and see the suffering of others, maybe you fear others will take it from you, or a discontent within that says “something is not making sense here”, that is a gift and a blessing to us all!

Because it can bring you to a willingness to look for a “better way”. As it did for Dr. William Thetford.

Do not look to the world for the remedy. You will not find it there. It is within you and in God, who created you.

And it is manifested through living the Atonement, NOW!

Till next time, God bless, bye for now!



Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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