Just Because You Cannot Fix It Doesn’t Mean It Is Broken

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
6 min readDec 5, 2021


There is a Universal Plan in place that is designed and orchestrated by Jesus and other ascended masters.

They have our best interests at heart and they know what it will take to help another be able to step into the Atonement and out of the chaos that belief in separation from God and one another has brought about.

That means that the fact that there is abuse and neglect occurring everywhere, even if it is from you, does not mean that God’s work is not being fulfilled.

You can put any scenario in there that you want to; bullying, domestic abuse, rape, murder, theft, child or senior abuse, anything, I will stand by what I am saying here. There is a bigger picture at play.

It is important to remember that #1 we are not our bodies, #2 we will not give up our addiction to suffering, guilt, punishment, and death until we see the futility of what we receive from it, and #3 nothing can truly harm us or our loved ones in an eternal manner.

It cannot truly destroy the earth or the species we have witnessed the extinction of. What God creates does not die. And I believe He either had a hand in creating all that is OR that He will honor that which His Son has created which would still be an extension of Himself.

I have said before that I only see the Son of God in all creation, seen and unseen. And my primary understanding and witness is that God IS. And nothing exists outside of Him.

In A Course In Miracle's early drafts, we are taught that our original essence, which Jesus called the Soul, has remained with God. It is One Son who has become many and this establishes the Sonship.

Jesus says it is the Mind that needs to be altered and that is what the Course is directing us to. He also mentions Spirit which I believe is that immediate essence or life force within the body. It appears to still be directed by the Mind that has confused itself by believing it is a body.

My understanding is that it has taken eons for us to get to this place or state of mind where we believe that the body is who and what we are.

I bring this up because we cannot expect it to evaporate in a moment's time and yet Jesus has said it will be as the “twinkling of an eye”. This is because when we really understand it the adjustment is quick.

My walk in the Atonement has shown me that the things that trouble me today are there to give me the language for the message that I feel God wants me to share about the truths that the Holy Spirit has shown to me.

I am beginning to believe that we may have no way of putting a stop to these issues without understanding the Atonement and being willing to accept the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives. If we do anything without God it is temporary at best and can warp into a worse scenario which may be even more difficult to spot.


My weekly card reading from Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom! This is my understanding at this time:

Your individuality AND STORY are vital and correct for this time frame. DO NOT claim your story AS you. It is a role you were sent to perform.

Do not misunderstand.

Your personality and desires line up with the needs of the Sonship in the story that you have willingly accepted at this time.

You will learn and experience things that you were interested in while you are physical (or spirit) and you will be serving the Whole Sonship at the same time.

All that we see and plenty that we do not see is Christ, the Son of God calling out for a connection to the Love of God that He believes He has forfeited.


I believe the Course teaches that there may be some who have come that are not addicted to the separation but that have agreed to come to assist those who are and in the coming here get caught up in the belief structure of separation.

That said, basically, all of us go through an adjustment period of remembering that this is not our original estate. All, except Jesus! He did remember and while he came to earth and learned as we do from infancy, he retained a memory that the rest of us do not. That of being with and in God, the Father as a Whole Sonship, IE Christ.

He was the first to receive the Atonement and thus became the Atonement. He became one to whom the rest of us could look to and see the light of Christ that resides not only in him but in each and every one of us.

He has stated in the Course that when we receive the Atonement for ourselves we, likewise, become the Atonement and a light to others.

This is for here and now while we are in the flesh. It is not something reserved for after we are dead.

Our primary responsibility is accepting the Atonement for ourselves.

What does that entail?

Understanding that the belief in separation from God was something that the Son of God did and that there is only one Son, therefore there is only need for one all-encompassing forgiveness that would undo the error. This would be a forgiveness that of necessity would wash over all of the consequences of that belief as well.

It is true that all our troubles do not immediately disappear so there must be another way to look at the world and those who are suffering. It will take a willingness to believe and trust this to be so, and then a willingness to listen to the Holy Spirit’s direction in that. This is what I have experienced in preparation for this post.

Because God IS it is His way of looking at things that we want to grasp. We are a part of Him. We exist within the Mind of God therefore our Will is as His is, we have simply allowed ourselves to forget that.

We are establishing an acceptance, if you will, of our own being and how to experience it in a way that blesses the Whole, even as God has done for us.

Understand that God does not give away anything that brings Him loss. He gives all and He receives ALL back from His Creation.

Is that not so incredibly different than what we believe about our existence?

And yet, that is exactly the way that our giving works as well because we are of Him.

You may see situations you are not able to fix but let's not think of them as “broken”, let us consider them a part of the Universal Plan to bring all into the understanding of the Atonement and ultimately back into full awareness of God.

As we bring this goal into our awareness and acceptance the challenges will diminish and ultimately depart.

That is not an invitation to go out and find ways to hurt people or make excuses for doing it!

This message is for those who see the suffering of others that they can do nothing about and thereby are subject to the temptation of depression and despair because of it.

I am learning right along with you as I prepare these posts. I pray that they may serve humanity and the entire Sonship of Christ in some small way.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.



Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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