My thoughts* on ACIM Lesson 245

“Your peace is with me, Father. I am safe.”

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash

* My vehicle/body has to function in the world in accordance with the Universal Plan and I accept that. Even there your peace goes with me because I know that I am not a body.

1. Your peace surrounds me, Father. ²Where I go, Your peace goes there with me.

³It sheds its light on everyone I meet.

* God’s peace rings light wherever I go. That means that it is in the other person as well, whether or not they are able to “see” it.

⁴I bring it to the desolate and lonely and afraid.

* Thank you, Father, that this is so.

⁵I give Your peace to those who suffer pain, or grieve for loss, or think they are bereft of hope and happiness.

* It flows naturally because I take the “knowledge of the healed Christ” with me through the acceptance of the complete forgiveness of the idea of separation from God in my heart and mind at all times by having accepted the Atonement (the undoing of the idea of separation) for myself.

⁶Send them to me, my Father.

* God is a part of what occurs here even though He sees not what is not of Him as real.

⁷Let me bring Your peace with me.

* It is okay to talk to God. Do not let anyone tell you that it is not. It shows your willingness to receive His assistance and Presence in your mind and heart for which He returns Eternal Life.

⁸For I would save Your Son, as is Your Will, that I may come to recognize my Self.

* Aha, and you thought my idea that we save Christ was insane. Well, in truth IT IS because Christ has always been perfect with no need of saving, however, there ARE parts of Him that had/have forgotten this.

2. And so we go in peace.


* We move through the world not trying to change it but doing our best to reveal its true self as Heaven to it as we walk in peace.

²To all the world we give the message that we have received.

* We have received the Holy Spirit’s guidance because we accepted the call to forgiveness of the error of separation from God.

³And thus we come to hear the Voice for God, Who speaks to us as we relate His Word; Whose Love we recognize because we share the Word that He has given unto us.

* There are signs of His Love everywhere. I use this little verse to help me see it more clearly as I engage with the world:

“If it was up to me it would be peace I see all around the world.”

“If it was up to me, why, we would all be free all around the world.”

* I sing each line four times in a cheerful round with emphasis on the last time and then do the next line. It sends the Holy Spirit’s energy out in front of me and reminds me that even if I see things that are not of God that is not where I want my focus to be.

Thank you for joining me. Till next time, God bless, debi.



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Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons


Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)