Neither Capitalism nor Socialism Will Meet The Needs of Humanity Until the Atonement is Acknowledged By the Masses

Because no foundation establishes freedom and equality without it.

And without that witness burning in the hearts of the individuals of the land, the individual will find no refuge.

There will be tyranny or “mob-rule” and contention, or apathy and hopelessness as has been throughout history.

How can there be independence when we fear one another and ourselves?

How can philanthropy and industriousness prosper when we feel our neighbors can, and will, take anything from us?

Is it any wonder that our children live in a human environment where there is no real foundation for belief in anything.

The only way that we can move into the state of “freedom,” which we are definitely going to do, is to accept our personal divinity and our protection and approval of a Creator of us ALL.

**Fair warning: this may seem fairly radical though it does come from a lifetime of study of the teachings of Jesus with the past seven years in A Course In Miracles.

One thing that I believe really needs to shift besides the idea of “death,” which I discuss in a previous post is the understanding that as children are born into the world, they have one of two prerequisites.

  1. They accepted separation and are prepared to make separation a reality. This means it is up to the society they are born into to nurture the integral understanding that we are not divided but are ONE, always have been, and always will be. This means setting up laws that serve the Whole society and allow individuals personal sovereignty.
  2. They have come here to help others step out of the separation mindset and, to do so, have subjected themselves to the ability to succumb to that idea themselves.

In other words, some will be more hard-core than others in establishing separate but equal bodies. Separate but equal, given sovereignty by the Creator of us all. It is a shift that cannot be forced and yet is recognized as true by all of us within the depths of our souls. It will be acknowledged eventually by each of us.

It stands to reason that the society they are raised in would also need to teach that there is only ONE in reality and that all parts of the ONE have value and are worthy of all the joy they are willing to experience.

With this in mind, the older siblings, family members, and associates need to choose to teach them true principles from that place of the Atonement within their own hearts.

That place establishes a Creator from whom we all came and that we are truly one as His Son and can communicate as one mind and one personage even though we be many.

It also establishes that the responsibility to be a part of the whole is firmly on the “individual” who chooses to honor the atonement, the undoing of the belief in separation from God. This is what I believe Jesus has been asking us to do when he says that we must be “born again”.

Now, is that going to happen all at once? NO WAY, it is unreasonable to expect it to be so.

But it is something that we can work on and grow into.

We need to establish a desire for it and a willingness to create it within ourselves and in whatever environment we find ourselves.

From the place of the atonement, we will not be afraid to hear other people’s voices.

No matter what their race, gender, age, or philosophy might be.

Beyond that, we will not be afraid to hear from those who have gone on and left their bodies for the time being.

And we will not be afraid to hear from those who have yet to take on a physical body.

Do you know why we will not be afraid of any of this?

Contrary to the “logical thinking of the ego” wholeness or unity allows each part to have a FULL VOICE.

Because within the Atonement perspective, we each “think” for ourselves, and we are accountable to ourselves for what we think.

Therefore we have no reason to “fear” anyone else because NO ONE ELSE can cross the boundary we have established in our minds for deciding who and what we are, our value, and what we individually believe.

We are so much more than we can even imagine.

There will come a time when an inkling of our capabilities will be made manifest.

Time will be erased, not because experiences have not occurred, but because their impact is not substantial on the NOW as it currently is.

We will move creatively into an existence that will “not” be fed by fear of what happened yesterday or 100 years ago.

We will allow life to unfold before us to the delight of God, the Father, and each one of us.

This is how I believe that the idea of Time will “fall in” on itself. This is the establishment of Eternal Life here and now, and it is not found “outside” of the Atonement.

Only in a society such as this would communities no longer support the Power-Hungry and the Power-Addicted claims that others are unworthy and must be controlled.

Within a society that accepts these principles, capitalism and socialism will be able to join hands and celebrate life and all of its potential within the “illusion” until we are eventually cleansed of all impact of the belief in separation and nowhere is anything besides God and His Beloved Son manifest.

This will give the Holy Spirit the time needed to bring all of the Sonship into alignment with the Atonement and prepare us emotionally, psychologically, and perhaps even physiologically for that step that unites us “fully” into the presence of God once again. “Here” is where Christ is truly “born again”.

Does it matter how that manifests? I do not think it does.

We will have the patience for the weakest among us to be brought to an understanding of the Atonement where everything that the Father has is at our disposal according to our desire and benefit.

May we recognize this sooner than later is my prayer. This may be a little “too rich” for 2021, nevertheless, it is my witness at this time.

In the name of Jesus, for Christ’s sake, amen.

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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