If We Do Not Progress In Our Faith Can We Be Said To Truly Have It?

I disagreed with something that was said at first:

Nice is the meaning of the word benevolent, I believe. --Not to be argumentative, your post has many good points. that are worth consideration.

And then, I caught my error here:

"We ought to be kind — make no mistake. But, being ‘nice’ can be a hindrance to growth."

Yes, you are correct, benevolence is kindness, “not being nice” in the warped way we have sculpted it.

Ha, it is so easy to fall into the trap of “politically correct” or “socially correct” ideas about the teachings that Jesus gave us that laughed at the mere idea of politically or socially correct.

“It distracts and it obscures, and sometimes even leads to untruth.” I totally agree that these things, and more, can hide behind “nice”. (or a smile)

Photo by Austin Wade on Unsplash

“Niceness” and “Christian love” tore my family asunder more than once.

I will not go into those details as they are very personal but I will say that I have seen this destroy people and tear families apart. And it deserves to be exposed.

I do believe it may be a symptom of the Error of Separation that Jesus teaches about in A Course In Miracles, which has also been inappropriately taught.

We can and we must address these issues that are very real and very destructive to individuals and families, as well as our society as a whole.

Hooray to anyone who is willing to stand up and speak against the false niceness and love that Christians are infamous for!!! ❤

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