Review of “Love Is Blind” Season Two By a Great Grandmother and ACIM Student

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
15 min readJun 7, 2022


I have my own way of viewing things, you may not agree and that is ok with me.

Photo by Abdul Gani M on Unsplash

Oh my, I watched the series as soon as it came out. Even waited to see the last few episodes like everyone else.

I wanted to respond right away or at least within a few days and I could not bring myself to do so.

That prompting returned again today and I looked to see where the stars of Season Two are today. Apparently, I am twelve weeks behind because Shake has lots of photos of his new interest on Instagram.

Now, this is all for fun right!?!!! I do not want anyone suing me for defamation of character!!

I do not know these people outside of Netflix and I have no degrees in anything much except for life, and the foibles of romance because I have approached it from many directions, angles, and sides, sheesh, I must have a dirty mind because nothing sounds quite right here. LOL, all I am saying is I have lived a lot of life.

That said I am going to go through the list as I saw it on Screen Rant and give you my five cents worth. Not accounting for inflation on the cost of my thoughts, I will be straight and to the point in my comments. These people chose to be public representatives and I am grateful and will take them up on the opportunity to reflect on what I see. (or think I see)

Take it or leave it, like I said I claim no authority, I only want to share something that my innards say I need to and the number 111 says to do it now. lol

Seriously though, I am using this opportunity to share something I feel needs to be shared. Do not use it to demean or attack anyone or yourself, please. We are all just playing “roles” in a confused dream anyway.

First off is a photo of Deepti. Notice the smirk. This is a woman who had a mission and it was a success. Another phrase comes to mind; the cat who caught the mouse. The mouse who got the cheese? Or was it the cheese who trapped the cat?

Kyle is next to her. Here is a man who works with his hands in an honorable profession that in no way qualifies him for the requirements of the “superstar” looks that he is after. He couldn’t afford their makeup and reconstruction fees.

Our beautiful Iyanna looks a lot different than the perky daring young woman we saw in “Love Is Blind”. I think her nails are longer, and her hair is definitely longer. She has a very classy and regal look to her. Is this really Iyanna or is it what her papa bear wants their persona to be or is it Iyanna thinking who she really is was not enough? Maybe it is just dressing up and changing your persona. I like to do that as well.

I am not judging. She is gorgeous either way and by all means, try on different looks, I certainly have in my lifetime. You should see my ’90s perm jam, it was fun but totally not “me”. I am just sharing observations about how we go into the relationships that we call “love”.

Okay, since I am dishing on everyone else I will show you a picture of me. Ewww, careful now. lol

Yep, this is me back in the’90s. I look like a female lion in drag! Haha, Come to think of it that about matches my persona at the time. Yeah, the ring, number three, and counting.

I know that Jarrette admired Iyanna for all that she had endured and yet she was still “up to bat”. He wanted to feel like that himself, I think. I trust that they can build something wonderful together if both of them are willing to compromise.

Time will tell, won’t it? I used to believe in marriages lasting forever but I do not buy that theory at all anymore.

I believe we are all free individuals who have a wonderous galaxy-size ocean of diversity to explore and experience and while NOTHING can separate any of us from one another EVER (Remember we are all one, ACIM.), I suspect our desire for diversity will play out.

I mean even reincarnation suggests that we are willing to “play the field”, respectfully and with dignity as the goal in all cases once the healing has been complete anyway.

I am not saying that 120 years with one person would not be what some desire or even all of us but eternity is a very long time not to explore other parts of the Sonship. And I am not sure at all how much “sexuality” fits into the statement I just made.

Danielle and Nick seem to me to be the most balanced of the couples we saw.

There seemed to be equal tension and attraction on the part of both of them.

It is just a matter of what rings true for them as they go through the years whether they stay together or drift apart. I wish them well either way and God’s blessings, always.

If anyone was on the show to be seen I think it was Natalie.

She was insensitive to Shayne’s stated need for affirmation. That went against the grain of her core beliefs. One is “My biggest pet peeve is when men name-drop and show off, I think.” noted on the cover of the book she wrote and posted on Instagram. My suspicion is that she is a bit envious of those who can and desire to be able to do that herself. I want her and Shayne to know that it is okay to have insecurities and admit them.

It makes sense that she would not have the ability to address Shayne’s forthright request for affirmation and that he would go for a woman who refused to do so. Why? Because that is exactly what the ego does to us. It draws us to and makes attractive to us those who will do just the opposite of what we want and need. Because success is not the objective of our ego.

And then I HAVE to say it. You KNOW I do! The one we truly need is God, the Father. That is what all of this attraction craving is all about, yes, even the hormones, in my opinion anyway. Take it or leave it, but I have put a lot of thought, study, and LAB WORK into this one. LOL.

Natalie is a beautiful woman. But I think in the real world, it would have been Shaina that would have gotten together and she would have ripped Shayne apart from the inside out and had a blast doing it.

Shayne is very vulnerable and stuck in the body trap, meaning his own. He thinks the body will get him what he wants and yet does not feel “good enough”. Why? Because inside he knows that he is not a body. That will come and go so he is always needing some other kind of affirmation from a partner.

Shayne is the kind of shy bad boy that the girls fall for and think they can “fix” and make it all better for the fellow because they can see how awesome he really is but if that fellow does not feel at ease inside his own skin he will need to have more and more affirmation that is more than any one girl could ever give. At least he would have to act as if he got lots of affirmations from others because of his insecurities and that can be degrading and embarrassing too.

The insecurity also manifests in building up so that we blast the other person, usually the one we want to be close to. Hence, the argument and meltdown he had the night before the wedding.

I know, I said shy, and shy may not be what you would call Shayne at first. In fact, the most insecure and truly shy people can be very outgoing, even obnoxiously so thinking they are hiding their insecurities.

Now, I am not trying to blackball any of these people from a romance. Life is for learning and romance is second only to having children in the “learning” department, in my opinion.

I am suggesting that getting a handle on your own truth and who you believe yourself to be is better than seeking another person to identify and affirm that for you.

Over six decades I have loved getting to know different people. It crushed me when the person altered their being or hid themselves away once we “tied the knot” so to speak.

The challenge is that we do not feel free to be ourselves with each other. There is always a hat or a mask we need to put on.

Today, I know too much about the ego to get involved with anyone really. I am grateful for the many individuals who allowed me whatever time they did that gave me a chance to learn what I have been given.

Shainna; I will never figure out how she did what she did with her lips or why she would want to. She is such a pretty woman! It is a pity that she doesn’t really know it, from what I can tell.

I know. She flaunts her bod on Instagram but she needs to take it down a few notches. Believe me, a man would want to have sex with her without all the airs she is putting on. Ask any of them. But the ones who would partake would not stay around because they could not find her, only her bod and there is always another bod around that attracts that kind of man or woman.

I would say she is a lot like a female version of Shayne. Not confident and without a foundation from which they have a personal identity that they are comfortable with.

“Even though he knew it would not lead to marriage,” Shake says in his Instagram video. Wow. I cannot decide which one is the greater actor between Shake and Deepti.

This is the one that caught my attention and brought me to write this.

I could feel the inconsistency or lack of sincerity in Deepti early on. Still, was it just my own “romantic” ideas that thought that Shake’s attitude was the most honorable and the most real of all the stars on the show?

And no, it wasn’t his pretty face that turned my head it was his willingness to have a real relationship with a woman that he did not have “jump her bones” instincts about. I still think that Shake was sincere. And that his “Even though he knew it would not lead to marriage.” comment was a coverup for the embarrassment he felt over it all. And I think he still sincerely cares for Deepti. Too bad the tide of social influence shuns their getting together.

I think he would have gone through with it and he would have embraced his own culture to a greater degree than he had previously, so I think this ties for the greatest loss that I saw on that show. (Mallory and Sal are my other “concern”.)

When you marry you do not marry one person. You marry a family, a community, a society, a culture, a religion (meaning how in particular you choose to live your life day to day), and the list goes on. There are so many things that come into it.

This relationship between Shake and Deepti would have been the one that I would have felt good about holding up to my grandchildren and saying, this is the attitude to take into a relationship. You are buying a whole package deal. Be aware of what comes with the package.

But it was not to be and I suspect that Deepti knew that pretty early on. It is my suspicion that the friendship she offered Shake after the first get-together and once she discovered that he did not have a “hard-on” about their adventure she was not as sincere as she could have been or as he thought she was.

I feel Shake was being honest as he spoke of his concerns to other but I do not get the same thing from Deepti. I think she (and maybe others influenced her in this way) saw this as an opportunity to make a statement for women everywhere, and really anybody who had been told they were not “all that and a box of popcorn” by anyone.

These people had been interviewed. They understood the role of their persona on the screen. They knew that they would have to “play-act” at certain parts of their relationships. Think of how Danielle and Nick had to be quiet about their successful affairs (Pun intended, I couldn’t help myself. No disrespect intended. lol) until the final show aired. That means they knew how to keep their true feelings under wrap, at least to a large degree.

I think Deepti did this very well. Because her posture, demeanor, and words suggested that she did not really have anything but contempt for Shake once she left the altar.

Was it really only the staff and producers that allowed the charade to go on that long or did they together with Deepti decide this would be a great way to sock it to Shake and all those low-life-s who did not know a good thing when they had it?

You realize the implication here, don’t you? That since he was not attracted to her he would be messing around with other women. That would be a poor assumption based on the situation and the likelihood of that occurring is very high in any relationship on the woman’s side, or the man’s, let’s be honest. It is the integrity and beliefs of the individual that comes into play when we have wondering eyes.

Also, it was really a slap in the face to the Indian culture that has had parents bring children together to make families and there have been a lot of successful relationships come from it from what I understand.

I admit I do not have a clue what happened but I do suspect that it was not “pretty” or well thought out in a global sense, or long-term sense.

Mallory, the cute Latino. Oh my. She is the one who, I believe, really got taken for a ride!

I am not going to comment on the relationship between her and Jarrette. That is just plain too hot to handle and a dead firecracker anyway.

I wish Jarrette and Iyanna the best of everything!!!

Mallory admitted to having a liaison with a girl and THAT is something that a macho boy would really frown upon.

Let me say up front what I understand about a macho man or woman is that they are very theatrical. They set a stage like nobody else. They are very good at hiding what they are really thinking or feeling. Maybe even from themselves. And this is what makes them SO dangerous to those who want to be close to them. Because you have no clue what you are dealing with. TRUST YOUR GUT. Not your other senses.

I had caught that early on but I gave Sal the benefit of the doubt when he said he was not that “macho guy.” I did note his body language on the show when that was revealed though and I personally do not believe it was positive.

I was really hoping that they would get together. They “seemed” to have a lot in common as well as a lot of respect for each other. It was too easy now that I think about it.

It is easy to think that it was the dynamic of national TV those with agendas the idea they could use these relationships to state their opinion. DO NOT fall for that conception or you will miss the fact that this happens every day, everywhere and people get bashed emotionally right and left just like Mallory did.

Being able to cook and draw upon music to woo his conquest is a good example of theatrics used. Every part is very polished. My study of this matter has me thinking that the kind of de — humanizing of the male that occurred when different countries took over the governments in South America over the years is why Latinos are known for a certain demeanor.

In Asian cultures that I have known, Laos specifically, the opposite is seen and the male generally became apathetic and let go of the ability to have a voice.

These are not statements about cultures. These are statements about how the EGO has morphed into various caricatures and costumes to hide its self-destructive behavior from itself. And do not think that there is not a costume for each of us to wear that DEFIES the knowing of self and of others. This is the ego’s role.

The thing that gets me about Sal is that I think he knew exactly where he was going with this and that he led her on. I do not believe he had any intention of following through from the get-go of the show.

And, forgive me, but that is really tactless in my mind. Remember, I could be wrong, and yet…

It has been fun to get this out on paper and the monkey off my back that kept saying that I needed to say something.

We all go into a relationship to benefit ourselves, even if it is by making another person happy. It might be your mother who wants you to get married or the person you are actually marrying, well, you know what I mean.

What is really important to understand from where I sit today, anyway, is to know that you have to have “a you” before you can be “a two.”

I know in matrimony we become as ONE, right?!? Baloney!

You become “a two,” manning a ship that might include new life forms.

And, trust me, you will have no idea who they are until it is too late to do anything about it; they come with a pre-arranged agenda. So have fun with them and your parenting! Do your best. And be sure you laugh a lot!

The only way to have a “you” is to connect with Source.

I call Him, God. I am not talking religion here or ritual. I am talking about relationship. You truly must know Him to truly know you.

You want to have that connection with the Creator of YOU so that you may be in connection with who you are and whose you are. No one else has ownership of you. Not even you. Your Creator has claimed that. Period. Yet He gives you authority to be who you wish to be. And it will not be harmful because that is not God’s Will.

Thereafter you engage with society with the understanding that those who do not know whose they are yet are very scared and like a drowning person will lash out at others or themselves to escape what they fear.

This is something that applies to life in general. Not just as romantic partners but in every aspect of life.

That is why the true forgiveness of Atonement needs to be applied in your life. Because it forgives all that the belief in separation has brought into the consciousness of humanity and all of creation.

Knowing that you belong to God by right of His creating you is huge. All the mistakes you make. All of the embarrassments. All of the mean things you do have just been because you were scared and did not remember that you have access to all that the Father is because He Wills it so.

He gives you everything that He is.

Because all of creation is ONE; only when all of creation is thinking alike by honoring the fact that they belong to God, knowing He gives them the right to exist and be, will the Sonship of Christ be able to exercise the same power as God, Himself.

But here I have gone beyond what this post is about.

Trust me, you want to have “a you,” to be able to be “a two” so you can tell the world how awesome His Son is because you know yourselves to be part of that wonderful personage. And that fulfills the measure of your creation and you may do it knowing you have guidance all the way from within directly connecting to God through the Holy Spirit that will guide you through whatever kind of waters you may find yourself in.

(see the PS below the photo)

Photo by Maximilian Weisbecker on Unsplash

I wish you every blessing.
Till next time, God bless, debi.


I checked Sal’s Instagram after finishing the post and almost decided not to post it, yet, in a lot of subtle ways to me, it proves the intensity of the ego’s fearful influence because “Me thinks he doth protest too much.”

I choose to listen to an Inner Voice that guides me and it definitely says “Danger, Beware.”

From Sal’s Instagram posts:

If your celebration of Women’s History Month doesn’t include trans women and women of color, we’re not getting past the pods. 🙅🏽‍♂️

Here’s to championing the joy, autonomy, safety, and freedom of all women this month and always. 💛
And a Plan B crop shirt!
Note that his balcony photo appears higher than Mallory’s.

We will believe what we will believe.

A big thank you to those who played their roles so that I could write this up.

I feel it was important and I wish everyone on the show and in creation all the blessings that the Father has for them.

Till next time, God bless, debi.



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