Universal Reading #2 for February 2023 It is Time to Allow God’s Love to Heal His Son.


It is Time to go Full Circle.

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1. PTSpD; Post Traumatic Separation Disorder.

I used to say, “The world will still drive you crazy, but it will be like watching a movie.” And then:

I had an “aha” this week.

I know that I personally can forgive someone who would physically cause me harm. (That does not mean that I am looking for this or that I would stay in the vicinity of someone that I knew would do this.)

Yet I feel distress when I face or see emotional trauma being experienced or sent out, especially in those I feel I am supposed to have “stewardship” over. I feel I must intervene.

That would be anyone within my sphere of influence. According to what I have learned growing up in Midwest, USA and even on the West Coast.

Girl Scouts taught me that, along with leadership and citizen organizations of all sorts. Not to mention church, school, and a family of my own.

But I am not finding that satisfactory anymore.

Mainly because it is the impact of something outside trying to reach someone or something that needs to come from inside.

In discovering what it is like to walk in the Atonement this past three years I have shied away from mingling much. I had a lot to learn. I still feel closer to everyone and everything when I am alone.

It occurs to me though that if I can know that I can let go of physical harm then I can let go of the emotional as well and know that it is NOT real and does not have to have an impact on me, or others, unless we allow it to. (I say this as if I came up with this but truly it was inspiration and assistance from the Wholly Spirit.)

I also need to remember that NOTHING untoward can happen to anyone, even our little ones, without them (and remember they are truly full-grown eternal beings) agreeing that they somehow deserve it or it is an instrumental part of the Universal Plan.

We want to teach ourselves and our children to reach inside them to the eternal child of God that they are and let go of the will to be guilty and worthy of punishment or pain. Emotionally, physically, or any other way. Pain is not required for the expansion of Father.

(Even though I heard Abraham say it on an interview between Esther Hicks and Wayne Dyer. Perhaps we “were not ready to hear it then” as she explained when he said how his first several books never included terms with spiritual meaning like Spirit.)

PTSpD will be able to be let go of as we understand that it is possible to do so and share that witness with others.

Even the difficult feeling that comes with seeing those that are incarnate now who may leave us or watching the elderly fade away from their current form. These things are REAL in the emotional life of mortality even if we do not bring the reality of it to the surface of our understanding.

We want to step into the Atonement where Time has NO hold on us and embrace the moments, we have within the stories we currently are in WITH the KNOWLEDGE that ALL IS WELL, and that God is preparing us to receive the fluent communication and witness of the Whole Sonship of Christ where separation will not be a cause of trauma and grief.

This understanding is helping me to step out and engage with people again. In fact, I have the greatest desire to share it in person because I would like to know that I have done everything that I can to share the tremendous Light and Joy that the Father has given to me. Especially when I know that so many people struggle on a daily basis.

I am stepping out into a real world. Not a movie, not a script, but a real world that is confused and needs my light and understanding of our wholeness just as we need yours.

2. Do not be afraid to see each other. We do this when we do not like something.

Remember their story is not the end of who they are.

This is Christ crying out for relief.

This is Christ crying out for Love.

Embrace the moment. Embrace them, if only in your hearts. See them. Hear them.

It is impossible to be separate because God has Willed it otherwise.

These people are a part of Christ. A part of you.

Forgive the Sonship and shine God’s Love on the world that the ego has made to replace the Paradise that God Created for His Son.

3. Depression

I am not a doctor and I recognize that there are chemical imbalances that wreak havoc on us. *Please, consider this my disclaimer.

I also know that a lot, if not all, of us deal with depression on some level.

How could we not with all the chaos in the world and the fear that we have led ourselves to believe that we must function in?

First of all, recognize that this comes from a “story” that the ego tells us that has led us to believe we have offended God and found ourselves separated from Him.

The Atonement that Jesus Christ offers us in A Course in Miracles allows us to correct that error of belief in separation from God.

It is so simple that many blow it off.

Acknowledgment that we are ONE means that it would take only one thought that Christ had that gave credence to about separation from God to cause the rift.

This also means that IF we are willing to forgive that ONE THOUGHT, we would also be forgiving ALL the residual effects of that thought.

This means that we do not have to go around forgiving all the time but that we may live in an attitude of forgiveness so that the Wholly Spirit can direct us to the state of mind where we will be creating once again instead of making a false world that has denied God’s existence AND its own.

That, my friends, is just how simple the Atonement is. It is the “UNDOING” of the belief in separation from one another and from God.

This is the only sure way out of depression because it gives us the true Comfort from the Wholly Spirit.

(This doesn’t mean that we will not be sad as long as the illusion of ego rule exists. But it does mean that we will have the peace that is beyond understanding here because of the witness of the Wholly Spirit.)

4. Our primary responsibility is to partake of the Atonement and accept God’s Direction through following the Wholly Spirit.

It is interesting how the entire Reading has played back into itself.

Accepting the Atonement opens the way for the Wholly Spirit to guide you to freedom.

“YOUR part is merely to return your thinking to the point at which the error was made, and give it over to the Atonement in peace.” ~ ACIM Urtext, page 140, final paragraph.

“To give it over to the Atonement in peace” means to apply the true forgiveness which acknowledges that nothing bad can happen, in REALITY, because that would be outside of God’s Will.

I can say that I have accepted this opportunity and forgiven all that we have made in the ego world.

However, it still affects me more than I think that it should and I suspect it is because I have not absorbed the true intention of the writings from Jesus found in A Course in Miracles.

I believe that it is possible to move among those who do not know their true identity as Children of God and be a Light of God’s Love by following the promptings of the Wholly Spirit.

The Atonement opens the gate to Heaven and Eternity where the creativity of the Son of God flourishes.

That can be had HERE and NOW, not in some far-off state after we have died in the flesh!

It waits for you and there is none that will be left outside because God’s Will has not allowed for that and of this is what we are.

We exist within the Mind of God. His Will Created Us Unitedly as His Son. And His Will is what we are. How could we be anything outside of that?

Let go of the “stories” and the nightmares. Let the Seed of Truth and Light take hold within you and let it grow to become a great oak capable of sharing all that it is with All That Is.

Till next time, God bless, debi.



Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)