Universal Reading 25 January 2023

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
4 min readFeb 1, 2023

Not only is God VITAL to our existence; He IS All That IS which includes our very (breathe) selves.

Photo by Andrea Ferrario on Unsplash

This photo reminded me of an embryo. ❤

1. We have assistance as we play our role in the Universal Plan.

There are angels waiting to assist us. Some are here in body and some are not. Sometimes we need to ask for the assistance that we need and other times they are free to assist without our actually asking.

The Holy Spirit is our companion and is the Voice of God and the United Consciousness of All That IS as the Son of God that knows we are loved and worthy of joy, abundance, and peace.

Jesus is an elder brother who has been given the role of assisting all others back to Father. He will be there when you face your challenges and will “hold your hand” if you ask, even though they are yours to face.

We have guides who may be those from our family in the past or the future who guide us along the way, as well.

Let me take a moment here to say very clearly that there are those who are in our lives to be stumbling blocks and trip us up. And we need NOT fear them or consider them evil.

We want to recognize that they are confused and do not accept the idea that you can fix them. This is often a ploy that is used to trap you in their confusion with them.

2. See but do not attempt to fix.

This is a difficult one to overcome if you see yourself as a wounded individual because you KNOW how much life can hurt.

When we attempt to fix someone else we are not being helpful we are enabling destructive behavior and denying God and the fact that He Wills to be there for His Son in every capacity.

That does not mean that you cannot be kind or respectful.

It means that you do not put yourself in an impossible situation because until someone WANTS to fix their situation it simply will not be addressed.

It is not a requirement to be united with everyone in form or in the physical body.

It IS a Reality that we are united in spirit and in essence, we ARE one being along with all of creation that is known to God as Christ, His Son.

3. Having Joy in the moment allows you to send healing to the entire United Consciousness Now.

Joy is the state of being one is in NO MATTER any circumstance or emotional upheaval ONCE one has entered the Atonement.

Joy is a gift from God that the Holy Spirit bears witness to within you.

This means that like the Peace that comes with it, it is unmovable and eternal, and as one integrates it into one's awareness Eternity and indeed Heaven will be seen and experienced.

4. Do NOT judge the roles that people are playing.

You want to remember that EVERYONE is playing a role in the Universal Plan.

Some that are doing seemingly extreme things to either side of the spectrum of what we think of as good and bad are doing just that for the healing of the Collective as a Whole.

They will be a part of your story if they are in your awareness and recording or expressing how you feel about these things (if only to yourself by being open and honest with yourself) also blesses the Collective.

This works ONLY from the place of COMPLETE OBSOLVING FORGIVENESS of the Atonement that knows that only God IS and anything outside of Him IS IMPOSSIBLE.

This way you are performing the Miracle of raising the darkness into the Light and removing that which is not of God, while in the state of Forgiveness.

This is what will shake the hearts of humanity and cause many to step out of it as they are exposed to what is really going on in the world that we believe that we have made from the idea of separation, and the fear that it imposes.

I do this Universal Reading for the United Consciousness of Christ to bring forth the latest understandings I have of the teachings of Jesus, especially as pertains to his teaching in A Course in Miracles.

The LIFELINE that we ALL will need is a relationship with the Holy Spirit and the understanding that God is the Will, the Ears, the Eyes, the Hands, and the Feet that we WANT to have because THEY ARE THE ONLY TRUTH THAT THERE COULD EVER BE.



These Readings allow me to bring out the latest that I have of my understanding of Principles that Jesus wants us to contemplate and think about incorporating into our lives. It teaches me, as well, for I am FIRST a student, then a teacher.

Thank you for sharing this time with me.

Till next time, God bless, debi.



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