Universal Reading (2nd) March 2023 “Jesus” in a Different Light

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
5 min readMar 24, 2023

“Jesus” may be more to us than we have been led to believe.

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1. What if it is only Jesus that we all need to forgive?

He may have been the first thought of Christ to think of separation and he partook in the Atonement fully. However, Christ had been awaken and the power of Jesus sensing existence may have been what created the universe of confusion that we see today.

I played with this idea in my book Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom!

That is where I get these readings from. To continue my understanding that I recorded at that time. I have often thought to edit it, but I keep learning more so it would NEVER be done. lol

What if Jesus (before he was named Jesus) was the first to consider separation which is a false concept but the power of God within Him at the time caused worlds without number to be brought into being with that confusion of separation from God?

Would it not be that there is only one to forgive?

And that would be the case anyway if we are all ONE in Christ, right?!?

Do you see what I am getting at?

We have to let go of all of our pre-conceived ideas, and really forgive whatever started this.

One thorough forgiveness puts salvation into its proper place in our lives.

This is my understanding today.

2. Allowing the Holy Spirit to take care of the future by releasing your hold on fear allows Him to clean up the attachment and trauma that existed in the past.

I like saying “Wholly” Spirit anymore because it means we are all united in God and eliminates this idea that someone can be greater than another outside of God, Himself.

The miracles of “unveiling” that come naturally as we walk in the Atonement are extended to whatever part of the Sonship or Christ Mind that it is needed at or rather that is ready to accept it so when you watch the news and see that understanding of our oneness is seeping in you can trust that you have had a part in that.

This is what happens when we release the miracle into the hands of Jesus and do not INSIST on a miracle being performed according to what we desire, or think is best.

From our perspective we do not know what would be for the greatest good. Remember that truth or light cannot be forced on anyone or anything. The Wholly Spirit, Who Jesus follows fully, does. This is why we can trust Jesus.

Also, as you and I follow the promptings and nudges of the Spirit we will have the desires of our hearts realized in ways that we may never have thought of.

3. Jesus of Nazareth brought the male energy to the forefront. We may be asked to bring the feminine to its knees and see ourselves as true creators and no longer as victims who are used like cattle or tools.

What do I mean by “we may bring the feminine to its knees?”

That we who are seeking to make something in this world mentally kneel and accept that there is a Creator that has already established the parameters of creation and its harmony and joyful expression, and that pain and suffering have no part in it.

Jesus of Nazareth spoke to the leadership, to the traditions of man as regards judgement and governance. He spoke to the very expression of the form or embodiment of the Son of God in the flesh.

Jesus declared that only God has the authority to dictate the health and well-being of His Creations.

We, as the co-creators with God, must yield a feminine voice or energy that releases the belief in the need of suffering and pain brought on by the supposed guilt and fear from the sin of separating from God.

This will be easily done once we accept the fact that God is omnipotent, IE all-powerful, omni-present, IE everywhere, and omniscient, IE all knowing.

How can we cling to the belief in suffering and bondage when we are all given our freedom by the Hand of God, Himself?

Feminine energy is not divided in God as it appears to be in our mortal existence.

Feminine and male energy need to be willing to be drawn into one essence and acknowledgment of God solely as Creator rather than us.

This is the true nature of our reality.

4. PTSD, like death, is experienced differently when God is allowed to exist in our belief system.

Trauma, like death, only occurs outside the belief in God as all-knowing, everywhere present, and all-powerful.

This means that PTSD can only truly occur to those who exist outside of the Atonement, or at least in their roles in the stories the ego tells us, and perhaps, even in the roles we play in the Universal Plan.

Before you get upset with me, let me tell you that I do suffer from PTSD.

I have called it PTSpD, Post Traumatic Separation Disorder.

I believe that people in power can, and will, harm you and that you may not know when or if it is coming because we live in a world where God is still believed to be separate from His Son.

What takes the sting out of this belief is the KNOWLEDGE that God IS and the Sonship is confused about the separation of God from His Son. From this place I can forgive what is actually impossible to have occurred.

Just as believing in God takes the bitter knife of permanent loss out of death, because what God Creates cannot see death, only extension.

Believing in God’s Reality shows me that the suffering that we impose on one another, even though it may seem very real at the time is NOT possible.

Then, I choose to believe in the Reality of God rather than in what is not possible, no matter how “real” it may appear to be. That is my prerogative, and it works for me. Jesus likes the idea as well. :) ❤

Till next time, God bless, debi.



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