Universal Reading April 2023 Without Beholding God and His Son, Which We ARE, We Do Not Truly Exist. We Remain an Illusion.

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
8 min readApr 11, 2023


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1. Your knowledge of others needs to be based on letting them know that God is aware of them and pleased with them.

How do you do that when they will not let you into “their world” in the first place?

Simply by holding the understanding that God knows and loves them and that the mask of bitterness and hate they put up is of their own making.

And by taking care of yourself.

You do not need to put yourself into a position of abuse or subjection.

Simply hold the witness of the Atonement before you and know that God IS and that the Son is mistaken in the belief in separation.

Know that Love is the only truth. This will take TRUST in God, in yourself, and in the world at large.

I will tell you what I wonder.

“How does one remember God in word when everything around us declares He does not exist, and we live in a worldwide concentration camp that feeds off of itself and declares death as its KING?”

I feel that to deny where we are is to commit ourselves to it and to give the children who come up behind us a false goal.

I choose to declare God IS even if it is but one voice that declares what is truth.

God did not give birth to His Son so that He could die!

This is my witness!

And I will say it on my deathbed and beyond until all of Creation remembers Who they are!

And we at last accept life by accepting the fact that God IS!

I have to speak to something else here and tell you that I have no idea how to navigate it. It will be up to each individual and the others they are interacting with and the guidance of the wholly Spirit.

I do not think that putting on the happy face and being in the present is authentic. I believe that it is a lie. The NOW of A Course in Miracles is when everyone has accepted the Atonement, and none are left out.

If you live long enough life’s stories are going to build up on you and sooner or later, they become very heavy. To say that we cannot remember our stories is to say we have no purpose and no voice, and that suffering does not hurt, and I do not see anything that makes me think that is okay.

Where is the motivation to look to God when we put on the mask of forgetfulness? I can see none because keeping the mask up is a fulltime occupation. There is no room for God in our thoughts.

You need to look inside and see what the wholly Spirit would have you do.
I take it moment by moment and pray that the wholly Spirit speaks through me.

I do know that there are a lot of rules about what it is that is okay to talk about and what is not and that I break them all the time. Those are two huge things that I am grateful are covered in the Complete Forgiveness of the Atonement.

We correct this error by simply acknowledging our own existence as well as God’s, and the fact that separation is impossible.

We do this by FORGIVING all error and consequences that have come from the belief in separation from God. And yes, it is “once and done,” though having the awareness of God before your face continually is vital to maintain this awareness.

This IS the Atonement. The “UNDOING” of the Original Error.

We (Christ) bring it about by remembering God, our Father and Creator CONTINUALLY.

This keeps God in our awareness as well as the Son; and we will only KNOW this by the witness that burns within us which has been called the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit in the Bible.

I call it the wholly Spirit because I believe that the scribes who took down the messages from Jesus over the ages saw this as ONE, UNITED VOICE as something greater than themselves or not a part of themselves and that is IMPOSSIBLE because ONLY God IS and we are all a part of Him. That is how “Holy” came to mean “of God” which is true, but it was never meant to put us above one another.

The wholly Spirit is how Father directs us, continually. And how we are able to give up judging on our own, completely. The wholly Spirit knows that we are loved and of Love through the Father and that nothing outside of His Will is possible because it is our will as well, since we are OF Him. You cannot be ANY CLOSER than that. THIS is the connection we long for, the closeness we seek, no matter where we might think we look for it in the world of “form”.

3. Shake off the cloak of guilt, shame, and embarrassment. Envy and competition have no place in the Sonship, either.

There is abundance for all by God’s Decree and that Will come to be realized.

See others as yourself because that is who they are.

Do not seek to punish or belittle them, or yourself, even when they put on their ghastly masks of disrespect and hatred.

The fact that we are going to die or that we hurt or are in this hellish pit we have created for ourselves does not give us permission to attack others. Not even the ones that we see attacking us.

But we CANNOT stand by and not know them as the Son of God or as separated from ourselves.

I cannot tell you what that means that you DO but I can tell you that it means you say INSIDE yourself, “I have FORGIVEN all of this.”

This is the understanding that I have from my years of seeking to understand the words of Jesus and this is what I stand by and live by.

That does not mean I stay in the presence of those who are overtly abusive.

It does mean that in my heart I keep a prayer of forgiveness and the desire for them to receive the willingness to open their hearts to the truth of who they are, and Whose they are, that they might be released from the shame, guilt, and fear they have thrust upon themselves.

This alone aligns me with the Will of the Father for His Son, whom we all are a part of.

Remember, that which is troublesome in our existence is the result of the belief in separation from God, which is an error, not a sin. And which will be completely resolved. We can trust this because God IS. This is our joy.

We can look at all others and all circumstances and apply this same lens to them with the vision that the wholly Spirit provides within the Atonement.

Hold this truth in your heart and others will not be able to not see and hear it even if they cannot verbalize it or even if they deny it because it is truth and somewhere inside them, they realize it as well.

4. Understand Time.

It is not what you think it is.

It has NO claim on you.

It is simply a tool given to the Son for the purpose of working out His Own Salvation by acknowledging the Father once again.

Aging bodies is simply a way to let us know that the world of form is NOT our Reality; at least not presently. Change is not our truth; eternal is how we were created by God in the beginning and how we must always be. This does not mean that change cannot be utilized by the wholly Spirit. In fact, creativity is change but it is not decay, suffering, and loss. The Son creates like the Father, eternally yes, but also in an eternal fashion not a changing or decaying one.

Our bodies and minds can work together in ways that we have not even imagined today.

Yet, we continue to uphold a view that we are one thing, and that death could be an end to something.

Nature screams that this is not true by the very fact that it recycles existence constantly.

All forms: earth, air, and water in our ego state of mind that likes to label, sees these things as different, labeled and segregated, yet how could that possibly be true when they, IN FACT, support one another and give rise to continuously evolving and morphing new forms of itself?

We are the tree, the star, the rock, our neighbor! What else could we be if God is REAL, and we are all created of Him and through Him?

We have created sex and a digestive system to prove to ourselves that we are separated and “self-creators”, conquerors of our environment and one another.

How silly an idea this is!

When we see the horrors of what we have done to ourselves and how we destroy each other with our hatred what do we want to do?

We want to kill ourselves and our heart grows faint because we have created lives that are built on fear and hatred and not on the recognition and remembrance of the Love of God.

This only recycles the hate, fear, and denial of God!

Instead, let us use Time to bear witness that God IS and that we ARE His Son and that we were created to create things of beauty to be shared by all through the witness and remembrance of each other.


Has any people, culture or heritage survived without acknowledgment of itself by its posterity?

How about a family or a loved one. Is LOVE allowed to forget that which it loves?

Why do we think that God, who FIRST loved us could be set aside and not remembered in all that we do?

Let us give up this foolish idea of separation and embrace God and one another as the Self that we are and move forward without Time that locks us to punishment and misery from the past and fear of the future.

We must KNOW OURSELVES and one another by allowing GOD back into our Consciousness CONTINUALLY.

I want to let go of the belief that there can be cruelty and suffering because of the past of and any belief in attack or lack by forgiving ourselves for the belief that separation was possible! Through this we may release our addiction to fear of the future and trust that we are provided for by Father’s Loving Hand.

In the name of Christ and for His Sake, amen.

Till next time, God bless, debi.



Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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