Universal Reading for Christ Consciousness 27 June 2022

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
10 min readJun 30, 2022


From my book Mama’s Christmas Carol, You Got the Power, Mom!
This is my testimony as I understand it today.

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1. It will be in Grace that you stand as a recipient and part of the Atonement.

God is our Creator.
It is by His Grace that we are at all.

The Atonement is the undoing of the belief that anything but God’s Will is possible. Which I usually speak of as being separate but that word may be limiting because we forget the depth of its meaning.

Jesus says that we become the Atonement as he is because we bring that awareness to the subconscious of all that we have ever met.

Talk about leaving a blessing on the earth! That is reason alone to accept the complete forgiveness of the Son of God in the Atonement and recognition of Father and the Holy Spirit.

2. I used to write that PTSpD, Post Traumatic Separation Disorder, does not leave once you have received the Atonement but that was before this week.

To clarify I will say that you will go through whatever time it takes you to let go of your attachments to the ways of the ego. Even once you have forgiven all it may take some time to allow God to “exist” with you in reality.

It may be the “energy” that allows you to stay tethered to the earth so you can be a light in the darkness.

Christianity has taught, from what I understand, that Christ will come inside you and this is how we are saved.

I have spent nearly 10 years breaking out of my Christian “truths” and have a distinct relationship with each of the Godhead; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Father is the source of all that is, the Son is who I am unitedly with all that is, and the Holy Spirit is the connection that bears witness of truth and directs me here on earth.

Christians threw away the fact that we are one in Christ which Jesus taught and made him the hero instead, displacing God ENTIRELY.

Think about it. Christianity has simply been another way for the ego to run away from God and tell the Son (You and I and All That Is) that He has no place with the Father.

Why was this able to take hold of what Jesus has really been trying to teach us since time began? Because of our inability to believe that God would speak directly to us or be in our presence because we are so unworthy.

Moses had to be a leader because the people would not lead themselves. Prophets have been sent to the earth because people would not lead themselves to God. Yet, YOU are the ONLY ONE that can take YOU to GOD. Jesus cannot. I cannot. No guru, monk, saint, prophet, president, or anyone can do it except you. Not even the Holy Spirit can do it. He only shows you the way.

Part of it may be what we consider the suffering of others. I thought for sure that I needed to be aware of their suffering so that I would stay humble and compassionate toward my brothers. Especially, the children, right!?!

Jesus says in the Bible that “if we do not hear the cries of others he will not hear our cries” and as such will not plead to the Father on our behalf. At least that was the way that I understood it. This is not true.

It may be that we see the sins of others which we have projected onto them that keeps us from feeling worthy. Inside we know we are one so to fault another truly is to fault ourselves.

I can say unequivocally today that the Atonement includes the final step that Jesus speaks about in ACIM which is being taken up by God. Being set in Heaven and Eternity with Him.

How can I say that? Because as I was writing about the Course the Holy Spirit let me understand that this was the case. I was also aware that there are many of us who have received witness of that position and have simply been talked out of it by ourselves or others.

Only this is going to bring the healing we desire.

I suspect that my shift in understanding has to do with the heightened awareness that the world we see is made up of ideas. It is where our consciousness is. Yes, historically, but only to a point. It is where our consciousness is now that gives us our experience inside ourselves and this creates our future.

You and I need to stay attached to the world created by ego fear only as long as we choose to.

That goes for everyone else also. That may be easier for me to say in my solo and retired position but I believe it is true.

The reason it is true is because God IS.

And He has Willed it to be so.

Time and space, along with our very existence, are things that appear to be confusing or even non-existent in A Course In Miracles. However, it is our bias, attachment to a material world of solid objects, and insistence that what we understand today is all that could be true that have made it so.

If God IS then God IS and I am able to be with God whenever I am willing to accept that reality.

I do not have to wait for someone to give me permission. God Has. What could be of greater authority?

I will add that the Holy Spirit and angels, etc. shield us, in a manner of speaking, psychologically from the full extent of God’s Presence because it is so magnificent.

I assure you that we will be prepared to receive it in a manner that we may endure it once we have made up our minds that it is our will that it be so. I know that Jesus has done this, as have I.

Don’t delay this important decision. There is no reason to delay. Do not look at the world and say, “What about this or what about that?” Trust that God IS and He Will bring all things into order.

Be like the near-death experiencer who forgets what is going on here are wants to stay in the light and the love. That, my friends, is the Love of the Sonship. Not the Father. We need to bring the love of the Sonship here to earth NOW. So that we quit coming back to an earth that is filled with suffering.

(I sure hope they are listening to me on the other side of the veil. I know they are because we are of one mind and as Jesus teaches you cannot save only yourself, it is impossible because we are one mind.)

3. Forgive the original error of belief that we could separate from the Mind and Will of God and be proven UNWORTHY.

That is the issue. We feel unworthy and we can think of all the reasons in the world as to why we are not worthy.

Look at any situation or circumstance, any disease, natural disaster, murder, mayhem, sigh of boredom; the list goes on and on about how we are unworthy because it is all brought on by our thoughts.

That last part is true this is why it is vital to envision God WITH US and letting Him be our thoughts.

The point is we are worthy. We are only as God created us, not as we have hallucinated ourselves to be. Let the Spirit of God wash that away and declare you “God’s Son in Whom He is well-pleased” as he did according to the story of Jesus’ baptism.

Jesus came to say we are all innocent as is all of creation but we would not hear that. Those who wrote the story of Jesus’ teachings would not allow that to be taught. It was ludicrous and besides, it did not fit well with the political intentions of any of the generations that were given an opportunity to make a different decision. We can use any of their excuses now if we must but that will be on us.

4. The perspective of a woman at this time is invaluable. Hormonal shifts have prepared you to accept and nurture the rapidly changing environments we will face. Whether you are front-end leaders or support those who will lead, your feminine attributes will do much to help the evolution of humanity at this time.

Women, please note that it is God that gives you your being not what your body does or does not do.

Trust me that I was not thinking about the significant court ruling that changed the very existence of so many women in the world at this time.

And I certainly did not expect to be speaking about it here but I cannot ignore the witness of the Holy Spirit inside me that tells me to speak my mind on these issues.

I have not had an abortion nor could I in good conscience. I had a difficult time taking the day-after pill once about 20 years ago. And to bring the rest of the issue into my circumstance; I had been molested from a very early age by relatives and when I got older one could say that sex was my “chemical of choice”. The point is I have some history of working out these issues. I also had several live births and one miscarriage. All of which I considered sacred experiences.

Okay, that is my “story”. It is not me. It does not define me before God or anyone. It does not give me the right to tell others what to do with their bodies or how to raise their children.

BUT, I am a child of God who has accepted the Atonement and sought to understand the teachings of Jesus for a lifetime and I will not let this moment go by and not speak from my heart about these things.

We are obviously at a place where the boat is going to start rocking for us. Or should I say where the water is going to come on deck?

That means a lot of things. There will be those who are distressed and can no longer cope individually and collectively. The choice of what we do with our emotions is always ours.

People have been through many horrible things and survived and come out well. There is no reason that we cannot do the same.

It has been prophesied in the LDS church that the Constitution of the USA will be preserved by the priesthood. The priesthood is the right to speak for God on the earth. The right to speak for God is the right of everything and everyone that is a part of creation. The only way this will occur is if we see Christ in everything and give thanks to God for BEING.

I want to go on the record saying that America has the opportunity to recognize Christ as themselves along with the rest of the world and all of creation AND to welcome the presence of their Father in Heaven to be among them NOW. God does not stand outside the door.

God stands before the altar that HE placed inside of each one of us and says, “See Me. Acknowledge Me. Know Me.”

Join with Jesus there before God and receive all that the Father has that all may be blessed by the sharing of all that we have been given.

And I do not say this lightly.

There is NO REASON or EXCUSE why quality education is not available for all.

There is NO REASON why preventative health is not taught freely.

There is NO REASON why food is scarce.

There is NO REASON why clean and living water and air is not available for all.

There is NO REASON why energy is not free to all.

There is NO REASON why energy work cannot be done on the criminally insane all around the world.

There is NO REASON why domestic abuse and homelessness are an issue.

There are no worthy and unworthy. There is only the Son of God.

And that Son needs to see His Father as the source of ALL Power and Glory.

Choose it, accept it, and will it to be so. Deny ANYTHING that says otherwise, no matter what things look like.

I DECLARE THAT GOD IS and He desires to bless His Son!

This country was blessed to be a leader in the last days of the reign of the ego and it must know how to fall to pieces and pick itself back up and be born anew with freedom, prosperity, and true happiness for all. And it might even need to happen several times over but it is doable.

And regarding abortion?!? Just say, “NO” MEN and Women!

Spill the seed, jerk off, but seek your “fulfillment” in the embrace of God because that is the ONLY place that it comes from.

And let your interactions with one another be that of gratitude that we have life and liberty for all. And let us be gentle with one another as we learn what that means.

Sex is not love! It is possession. I heard a song recently where a young woman sang of needing to be another’s possession to feel value. That IS NOT freedom! This is slavery and bondage in its most basic form and must be addressed if freedom is to be experienced by the masses.

Possession is a theme that has been sung for many generations if not for all of them!

This needs to be looked at and embodies much of what brings about mental illness that we deal with daily. National studies need to be made that reveal these issues. And communities need to be allowed to have the right as to how they will be dealt with.

Artists need to address this issue as well as that of violence in the arts! There is no justification for anger outlets! Acceptance of the worthiness of the Son of God and the witness of God will make room for self-appreciation and the Holy Spirit will lead us into a place where we may have expression and diversity and value for all that IS because it is God’s Son.

There will be those who have children for some time to come perhaps. I am not encouraging it because a mortal body was not the idea of what God had in mind for His Son. As we come into our true existence let us give thanks, be patient and show kindness where we can without allowing denial of God’s presence to present itself as real. We only need to desire it to be so and God will fulfill the rest.

Do not mourn too long for the loss of body for this is not what we are. Know that you cannot be divided from anything or anyone because God has decreed it so.

Of this I testify, in the name of Christ, amen.

Till next time, God bless, debi. ❤



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