Universal Reading for Christ Consciousness June 19, 2022

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

His Story

You came here to learn but to do so you accepted a place in a dream world that is the story of the healing of Christ.

There is no death. So we may walk together embodied or not.

That is it in a nutshell!

We may not be able to fix anyone but you can forgive error. Do not be afraid of the amount of error you may be asked to see.

I do not feel that all of us can tolerate the witness of the amount of evil or error that is in the world and it all must be seen WITH FORGIVING EYES by someone in form. Or at least some of us in form.

What you understand within the witness of the Atonement is that God is bigger than the tsunami.

YOU may not be, certainly your body is not capable of managing a tsunami but GOD IS. And so you move forward. Maybe not rapidly, but steadily.

Understand Time. The Holy Instant ends Time.

It is possible to have the Holy Instant while standing before the tsunami.

The biggest thing about eternity is that it bleeds through you into Time and shortens the need of suffering by a significant amount. ACIM says even a thousand years.

It may not seem like much when you think of millions of years but if we all did it, imagine how much suffering we could erase from never having been a part of the imagination of Christ.



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Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)