Universal Reading from 24 July 2022 “No Force” is a Basic Quality of God

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
7 min readAug 1, 2022

No one will be allowed to force you to know or accept Him or His Love. Period.

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1. “No force” will be used by God for you to acknowledge that love is all there is. Although acceptance of it receives all that He Is including a true witness of who you are.

That is the bottom line and it does not have to wait until you die. It is meant to happen now. In the flesh, you are the vessel of His Love under that transmutation of the Holy Spirit in the Atonement.

As we are willing to receive, nothing will be withheld from us.

Hold fast to this understanding and let it work within you because it is our unwillingness to receive from the Father that keeps us from Heaven today.

2. Power-Hunger

This is singular, isolated focus on separate things in their awareness be it a person or an ideology or territory.

When we feel less than “in control” what better way to “fix it” than to have power where we at least “seem” to be able to control things?

This is a fundamental ego attitude not to be confused with power addiction which must control ALL that is in IT’S world and finds a way to remove ALL that does not “fit” or IT does not approve of. (It is important to remember that a mind caught in this behavior is NOT the ego they believe themselves to be.

Going into year three in the Atonement I am understanding that we will eventually give up ALL desire to employ power anywhere. Mainly because the power of all that is IS ours by birthright. There is no need to manifest it in any isolated situation or place in the Sonship because it is all and it is Love, true Love of the Creator, not imagined love of a portion of all that is.

Wanting to feel “in control” is a habit, brought on by thinking that we are a body and that we are separated from God who in fact supplies all that we need or desire as soon are willing to allow Him to. Meaning we want to “feel” in control because we currently feel “out of control” because of our belief in separation.

We are the ones who hold the blessings of our birthright power of Love at arm's length by denying our place as His Worthy Son.

The habit may well release itself layer by layer (even after one has accepted the Atonement) because one is usually not aware of the many ways we seek power over what God would direct and supply if we allowed it.

What one starts to understand is that the true power comes as one lets go of wielding it.

The doorway of the Atonement opens the channel of willingness that allows the Holy Spirit to guide us until Father, Himself may step in and put us in Heaven with Him.

Father is the only true Power and we recognize it and call it Love. This is nothing we earn and nothing that we do for ourselves . This is because of Who God Is which Jesus says encompasses the Whole of the Sonship and ALL of Creation which Itself IS Eternal. Hmm.

Our efforts in steering our thoughts and actions are essential BECAUSE this reveals our willingness to receive “God”, however you wish to personify or perceive Him, in our own awareness.

Do not be quick to think that you understand love because as Jesus states in A Course In Miracles, what is called love is often hate in disguise.

The Holy Spirit will reveal exactly where we are clinging to power little by little so that we can learn to rest in the Hands of God for our needs to be taken care of. Even when it seems that they are NOT we will KNOW better.

One form of power hunger that I have struggled with is wanting others to understand me or to have a “connection” to the world around me. I do not believe this is uncommon.

What I am learning from my studies is that connection in the world is only a facade at best and “connection with everything” is truly found inside as one accepts the Atonement and knows that God is in all that one sees (and doesn’t see with the natural eye). And that:

ALL have the guidance of the Holy Spirit according to their willingness AND their own choice of when to receive it.

Letting go of the craving for connection “outside myself” allows me to see the true connection we have as a creation to all that is and our Creator.

Teaching anyone else anything is something that I am learning to let go of. I share my writing so that I may understand. I am letting go of the “need” to have anyone “hear” or “understand” it. In fact, it kind of “spooks” me when it seems others “hear” me.

Learning is not done from the outside in but from the inside out as the Holy Spirit teaches us inside and our actions affirm His teaching to us, as well as to others associated with us, even in the smallest way.

In reality, we can only be examples of finding that “inner connection” and that is about it. There is no need to feel you are not “doing enough in the world,” it is enough to do your connecting work with the Creator, and “all that is.”

Teaching or governing from outside is a form of the need to have “power over” and control because we have denied that our guidance comes from God, Himself. We know this deep inside ourselves.

Still, we seek cults, gurus, leaders, and down-right gangsters to tell us how to think and what is acceptable, and so forth.

God has GOT THIS (meaning His Son and His awakening are in His Care, God has provided for this and whether it takes another 100,000,000 years or not is not an issue), meaning He will be the teacher via the Holy Spirit as each of us is ready and willing.

This is an individual thing that will be experienced individually by the Whole.

Acknowledging this allows each the opportunity to live in Heaven while on earth because they have yielded to the only true power source, which, as does Jesus, I call God.

3. Throw away guilt, shame, and embarrassment.

You are as God created you. Embrace that and be glad in it.

This applies to your looks and capabilities. I am not saying “do not do what you can to be your best selves” but know that what you are is more than sufficient for the time that you are here.

AND that you personally, may have signed a contract to do or be a certain something in the Universal Plan at this time that you and your contemporaries here may not understand or even resonate with. Mama Cass is one I can think of with her beautiful voice that may not have fit with her body and personality as sophisticated mortals may have thought. Even Hitler or any number of criminal minds could be seen in this light. Hopefully, you get the picture because we truly are all one as God created us.

You have a temporary “story” to live and that may have its moments of joy but find the joy and peace within so that your peace never has to leave. That is secured as you forgive creation for belief in separation. Both from God and from itself.

Remember that you do not need to save someone else. The fact is you cannot.

Nor do you need to lay down so that they can get to “higher ground” by “walking on you.”

The idea of separation gave creation its sense of fear instead of love which is its natural state. Fabricated love to ward off fear is not the Love you are worthy of.

Fear brings various forms of self-denial and abuse which we felt compelled to in greater degrees and ultimately manifest a belief in death.

None of this is “natural” to that which was created out of the Idea of Purity and Love. Let the Holy Spirit show you how to cast it off step by step and layer by layer.

4. Your interactions and thoughts of others are to be based on testifying of God’s awareness and Love for them.

I want to understand that I can go back to my attitude as a child and trust that what comes to me is what is supposed to be instead of thinking that I can protect myself always with healthy boundaries.

(Whether I use the pronoun I “or you” it is the same.)

In other words, I can “find myself in the center of the storm and I will survive” as I have heard others say recently.

I knew this as a child and I want to remember it as a so-called adult.

It is important for me to remember that the Love of the Creator flows through and around everyone and everything, even when it does not appear to be so or we forget.

Someone recently reminded me that heaven and earth are in our minds and I have the choice of how to interpret what I see.

Thank you for sharing this time with me, till next time, God bless, debi.



Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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