Universal Reading July 2023 REALIGNMENT is Taking Place, Warning: Raw Content

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
11 min readJul 17, 2023

I started this on the first of July! It was a powerful energy and message!

I would suggest that you take a deep breath (or two) and take this NICE AND SLOW.

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1. Feminine energy here and now.

Feminine energy.

I heard someone express it as “That which magnetizes.”

“Let’s go into the wilderness so that we might learn and become even as God,” said Eve to Adam. Or something to that effect.

Did we lure Adam out of the Garden of Eden?

Bear in mind that this is not a personage that we are speaking of this is a part of ourselves, PERHAPS EVEN the part that imagines lack or that there is something else to existence than what we have been given by God in our creation.

Feminine energy needs to give up the attitude that SHE/HE can do a better job of taking care of the Son of God than God can.

Ego/pride/property/possession. We lay these attitudes at the feet of the male, however, the female energy (which we all have in part) has been just as caught up in the idea of manipulation. “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

You could say that, at least in this country, that women have not made laws that discriminate men or promote separation, yet the very idea of family ties does just that.

It does not take a court of law to make a law that everyone lives by.

I feel that many of my issues with anyone, especially family, are due to the fact that I will not yield to “lines of possession of persons” and keep my mouth shut.

It is like there is a shortage of love in the world. Or they think there is. At least this is what I have thought for several decades.

However, I am coming to understand that it is the idea that what someone thinks is someone else’s right to decide!

And it really does appear that this begins in the cradle.

I suggest that we want to turn this feminine energy around and let it become a vacuum that sucks up the remnants of the stories that the ego has told the Sonship and allow the Mind of Christ to be set free to see His Father once again and acknowledge Their Supremacy Together as the ORIGINAL Sovereign and ONLY identity of CHRIST.

Father and Son united in a Complete and Perfect Union giving all and sharing all.

Here is a “possibly scary” little story I wrote to express where the feminine energy is taking me at this time. Be warned that the sexuality we are discussing in my 15-minute videos of the Urtext bring out a strong energy in me. I believe it is because sensuality is a “shadow” of what the Presence of God, the Father is like. ~ Maybe this is what the country was trying to advocate in the sixties and we kind of lost the idea of “God IN it” that I think the Beatles were instrumental in helping us see after Elvis the Pelvis had stirred up the hormonal response in us in the fifties.

I say that and shudder because I do not wish to detract from what I feel is the Holy Spirit’s intention in having me share this story and yet, I feel very strongly that it is only fair to say it at this time.
Believe it or not, our sexuality is hugely entangled within our spiritual nature at this time.

A Faery Tale?

If I had my druthers now, I would jump into a van and drive around the country stopping at bars or grocery stores, or hardware stores to find a male to take aside and teach him that he is God.

I would hold him and caress him and have sex with him but I would not want to know his name.

Because I do not want to entrap him. I want to “set him straight” on understanding that he is the very energy of God in expression and that Ego’s stories are not who he is or what he was ever meant to be.

I would teach him of his potential and then turn him loose with the admonition to find within himself the flame that burns a million times greater than his orgasm which is God Himself and the ONLY thing that will satisfy him, EVER. And once having tasted of the true essence of God he will know that he has no “need” of anything evermore. (I have witness of this.)

Only by seeing God in absolutely everything will he be able to maintain the thrill of existence that is his to claim as part of the Son of God. Only then will EVERYTHING hold the essence of the afterglow of orgasm. (Now, I am not a man so maybe I should only speak for the woman here but there is a pliability, an embracing if you will, that comes over a woman after orgasm. Hence her distress when the man puts on his pants and splits.) Why would he want to settle for less than embracing All That Is?

Everything bound in the whole embodiment that is God and His Son???

… And then I would say goodbye.

Moving on to the next place that the Spirit takes me to. Leaving him to spread the message everywhere he went.

Such is my energy today.

Well, and every day if truth be told. ;)

Much Love and Gratitude.

debi 14 July 2023 © tweaked a bit in the days following. ;)

Talk about a muse!

FEMININE energy was never meant to be used to trap people into stories but to be a reminder that God IS and that He is always with you.

NO, I could not really do the sex part in the world of form. tehe. It just is not in my nature I am a conservative monogomist at heart, … BUT, BUT, BUTT, IT SURE “FEELS” LIKE IT SOME DAYS. LOL

The thing about sexuality, in form, is that it can quickly become an addiction that needs to be fed greater or more debasing things to entice the energy of the original feelings BECAUSE it was never meant to be something that DREW US to FORM rather it is a BASTARDIZED form of the energy that draws us to God and one another as a WHOLE.

The thing about sexuality, in form, is that it can quickly become an addiction that needs to be fed greater or more debasing things to entice the energy of the original feelings BECAUSE it was never meant to be something that DREW US to FORM rather it is a BASTARDIZED form of the energy that draws us to God and one another as a WHOLE.

2. Gossip to enhance or distract from our own lives is of the shadowy ego mind. It is time we and others were set free.

Gossip is akin to pride. Unkind pride.

The kind that comes from the ego.

It needs to tear down others so that it can feel safe and secure.

It is definitely part of an illusion that we are not ONE.

The time is upon us when we will be able to see through the propaganda that has been a part of our existence since the idea of separation came into the consciousness of the Son of God.

We will be able to see the motives and intentions of others as we listen to the Holy (Wholly) Spirit Who is very aware of the intentions that people have. This can be difficult to experience. It can hurt to find out that things are not as they had appeared for so long. But if you have a true witness of the Voice for God you will not be able to deny what He shows you.

YOU will be able to see through the “kind acts” that are there to build up another (them) and show you how much better than you THEY are.

We will begin to be able to see the many, often ugly, faces of the ego. Not all at once, but they will be exposed.

We want to remember that this is EGO (a false personification of Christ, made by Him ~ Who is US! ~ at the thought of the possibility of separation from God) and not think of it as who the person truly is.

We may need to distance ourselves, but we want to do it as gracefully and lovingly as we can with a prayer of gratitude to them knowing that they will come to the same realizations that you have eventually and know that we are all One.

If AT ALL possible, try to maintain enough of an interaction so that you can show them THEIR value by doing little things like sweeping up the leaves of a communal place so that they are more comfortable.

Caregivers have an opportunity to do this when they make a special effort to do a good job and even to go the extra mile. This is why I liked housekeeping for the elderly myself. I could show others that felt “less than” that they had value. Especially for those whose family members had, at least emotionally, shoved them away.

Actually, anyone can do this, and it makes sense to me now that this is what Jesus was referring to when he said, “Go the extra mile.” because you are sharing with them your understanding of THEIR value which is what they have given up with their NEED to PUT YOU (or anyone else) DOWN.

Granted, SOMETIMES you can be TOO CLOSE to the situation to send that message. It can be easier to swallow if it comes from a stranger.

For instance, this may not translate the same way in attempts to have an intimate partner.

It would be a long time before I would understand that this was because the objective of the other was to show THEMSELVES how much of an ASS THEY ARE and how DUMB YOU ARE for loving them in the first place.

Do you SEE the EGO there? This goes for male or female, folks! And any other label we can come up to dissect and separate ourselves.

This can happen by them projecting the stuff that they do not like about themselves onto you. For instance, as a manipulator which those who are IN THEIR EGOS are, they will see everything that you do as a manipulation.

Oh, and I am NOT going to let you off the hook. You who “only want to love.” Do you realize that “we,” yeah that is my angle too, we have to pick a partner that will NOT accept our offerings of affection because of …

Wait for it … YEP, EGO.

The false Christ within you … WHAT? Yep, the FALSE CHRIST, also known as ANTI-CHRIST IS WITHIN EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!

Your relationship was not built on mutual admiration, respect, and protection but to PROVE that THEY WERE UNWORTHY of the love you offered and vice versa!

ALSO, bear in mind that they DO NOT realize this about themselves. But once you grasp it you cannot let that understanding go.

It is up to you to have healthy boundaries and detachment to all forms of “form” and manipulation.

My understanding is that this can ONLY be found within the Atonement of Christ where He is reunited with the Father in perfection and connected to the True Source of Guidance which is the Holy Spirit.

We forgive it all. Every OUNCE of indiscretion from ANYONE ANYWHERE!



That means ANYTHING we will yet meet HAS BEEN FORGIVEN.

THIS is what ERASES time, and eventually, the need of form.

DO NOT TURN THAT into an end of existence.

God is MUCH BIGGER than that!

We will want to do our best to be our authentic selves.

True to what we understand about life in this moment.

This is the only way that we will be able to maneuver through this time when both Heaven and Hell appear to reside on the earth.

The Holy (Wholly) Spirit will guide you on your individual path in the oneness that is God and your expanded awareness of this that you might partake in all of the blessings that come from the witness that you are literally a part of the Son of God as is All That Is.

3. Holy (Wholly) Spirit assistance. He is my all!

I do NOT care for the spelling of the word holy.

It does not relate the message that Jesus intended to be given.

It means WHOLE, COMPLETE, ONE, UNITED Eternally.

I have slipped out of the habit of writing (Wholly) in Holy Spirit since I began working on this reading two weeks ago.

I read where Jesus shared something in the Urtext about how God is in the Holy Spirit, I forget where, but it struck me that God is IN Spirit and even IN Christ, though we do not allow Him to be at the moment.

I leave Holy alone now because I see it as honoring Father, not the Son and that makes sense to me.

4. His Story…

We are each a part of the Mind of Christ expressing itself.

Currently, we think that we are separate and need to defend or protect ourselves and that which we claim as our property, be it things, ideas, or even people. HA, ESPECIALLY PEOPLE!

To manifest this FALSEHOOD, Christ devised the EGO which you and I are existing in believing we have life.

ONLY the Atonement of Christ as taught by Jesus in A Course in Miracles (I have written it out earlier in this post.) will undo our addiction to the lies we have told ourselves for generations and maybe eons.

I am four years old in the Atonement, and I will share a post here from my Facebook page that expresses a lot of how I see my expression at this time:

I know how I look to others.
And I find it gets worse with age.
Confidence in CHRIST, too, has an impact.

Not gloating here, I am trying to apologize.
Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?
Apologize for our existence?

Nah, it is okay to exist.
We just got to let others exist where they are as well.
No matter our understanding at the moment.

There is a fine line between sharing our light,
and crushing someone else’s.

That may be where silence becomes the way to walk.
I do suspect though that there are at least a few of us
who are supposed to shake things up.

I don’t know. I know how to play the quiet…well, any role to be truthful.

I just happen to have found myself in this “space” of unraveling (for myself) the teachings of Jesus and I do it VERY publicly though I do not post on others’ sites anymore.

I am content to make a fool of myself right here. lol.

You take a risk being here because I am not afraid to tread any waters to get to my goal of greater understanding.

I don’t mean to cause discomfort to others. In fact, it is one of my worst tortures because as a child I learned very clearly how painful it is to have boundaries crossed.

Still, I think that this is a risk we are willing to take when we have interactions.

So many fear God, and yet, He is the ONLY one that we TRULY do INTERACT with. The rest simply flow alongside us as we are all part of the same entity. Equal and free to be what we desire because God Wills it so.

This is my understanding today anyway. I share it to leave a trail of crumbs that may only say to some, “It is okay to look the fool because the reward of feeling God’s Presence has no match in all of creation.”

Till next time, God bless, debi.



Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

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