Universal Reading March 2023 Healing of the United Consciousness is an Individual Exercise

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
6 min readMar 13, 2023

It is taking back our personal responsibility and identity within the Mind of God.

Photo by Skye Studios on Unsplash

Isn’t this photo awesome? Imagine lights without number as the Thoughts within the Mind of God.

1. We have a lot of assistance. We do not have to do this on our own, nor CAN WE, do it on our own.

Nature is there for all except the imprisoned and there are unseen guides who will come to those.

Do not hesitate to speak to Luna, the moon, or the sun and the animals, trees, and even the rocks will speak to you and give you support if you will listen and even when you do not.

The Wholly Spiri is of course our main guide that we want to listen to. He is comprised of Father’s Voice along with the higher Souls of the entire Sonship of Christ that is found in All That Is, seen and unseen.

Do not discount their assistance or believe that you can do this on your own or that you are weak if you cannot do this on your own.

It is the wisest among us who recognize their connection to all things and look to serve them as well as to be served by them.

The written word is also a guide. Let it be that which the Inner Voice of the Wholly Spirit leads you to at this time. The timing will be perfect for what you are ready and willing to receive. You can trust this.

And do not be afraid to turn away from some understanding or teaching when it has served its purpose and brought you that much closer to where you truly want to be which is in your own space and “skin” within the Mind and Will of the Father.

2. Do not be afraid to see each other and be sure to give thanks for one another.

Many of us travel this road with many brothers (and sisters; note that in using these terms I am not referring to gender).

Learn from each for they carry a message from Father about your own identity and value. Both those who appear to serve our wants and needs and those who do not.

There is NO ONE and NOTHING that should be outside of the range of your affection and prayers even as healthy boundaries are maintained with all, including, those you believe to be totally trustworthy.

Offer thanks to and for everything as if it were given to you by the Hand of God for your wellbeing. Because it IS whether you fully understand this at the moment or not. (Yep, even those kinds of things, not that we should seek out discomfort or problems.)

Everyone has a role to play that is unique and diversified within the Universal Plan of healing that has been established. We are not able from our place in the flesh with our limited sight to judge or understand all things. This is why we want to turn that responsibility over to the Wholly Spirit and understand that God IS and anything outside His Will cannot be real and the Wholly Spirit will teach us how to manuever through this life as we allow Him to do so.

3. Accepting our place in the Atonement is our primary responsibility.

There is no other more important thing that we can do in this lifetime.

How many miss this opportunity! How many lifetimes we have had and not comprehended what we were being asked to do!

If you are reading this you have the opportunity to accept this here and now.

It is simple. It is not a lifetime of struggle that has been taught. Now, I am not saying that you will thereafter live a life of ease. No, but you will have peace that passes understanding because you will know that God has ensured that ALL will be restored to their RIGHT Minds and place in the Kingdom of God. It might take eons for some but in eternity that is doable and therein lies your peace.

You will also have joy because the Wholly Spirit will give you a glimpse of the pleasure that Father wants to share with His Son as soon as He is willing to receive it.

You need not to change anything but your thinking because the Wholly Spirit is the one who knows where you are and what you need. You simply need to make yourself available to Him by being willing to let go of everything that you thought about yourself, God, and the world around you and trust that you only need to forgive one time sincerely to forgive all that ever has or ever will be outside of the Will of God.

What you are forgiving is the original idea that it ever was possible to be outside of the Will of God or apart from God in any manner at all.

This one decision brings several truths into our awareness:

That God IS, would be the most important.
That God would not leave you without assistance which would be the Wholly Spirit.
And that you are a singular, unique, and vital part of the Sonship of Christ that is All of Creation.

From there, you will learn at your pace and according to the understanding of the Wholly Spirit of your needs.

Journaling is a great way to enhance the process and to document how far you have come!

4. Your PTSD may dissolve when you accept the Atonement because you understand you are not what your “story” says that you are. And it may not.

(I am not a doctor or therapist.)

Your PTSpD (Post Traumatic Separation Disorder) will remain as long as you are a compassionate individual, and anyone remains outside of the Atonement.

This means that you may experience sadness or distress for the challenges that others need to go through, but it will be buffered by the growing confidence that all is well, and everything is working out for our good in the eternal scheme of things.

Have patience with yourself and others.

When you have those days (or longer) when it seems like you cannot get out of your slump trust that the weight will lift again.

And keep an imaginary tote full of tools to lift your spirits and remind you that life is meant to be enjoyed. Your tools may be affirmations, favorite things that make you feel content, and there is no end to the diverse options you might have.

Remember not to compare yourself with others.

This serves no one and leads to unnecessary competition.

See others as you see yourself, only with their own traits and preferences and let that be just fine.

PTSpD is a lot easier to handle from within the Atonement where you have so many resources of support available.

Chasing around the hamster wheel that the ego will put you on is tiring and self-defeating and only procrastinates a work that we each will eventually need to do.

Remember that you cannot be responsible for getting ANYONE ELSE on track.

Heavenly Father and the Wholly Spirit are very aware of them and more than willing to reach out when they are allowed to do so. And trust me, their assistance is spot on and does not leave scars that need to be cleaned up, which cannot always (if ever) be said when we try to alter someone else.

Even sharing this is an offering that I send up to the Whole Sonship of Christ to teach myself and remind anyone else who might benefit as well.

It is still your call whether you respond to it at all or not.

Live your best life and you will be a beacon to the rest of the world and all of creation!

And you will have our eternal gratitude!

Till next time, God bless, debi.



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