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Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
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Sadness and discontent are a choice, not the feeling but THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE FEELING, or WHAT WE THINK IS THE CAUSE, AS TRUTH. Like guilt, it is not our true nature and this is known by faith. Disclaimer: I am not a therapist of any sort. Just a great-grandmother with an opinion and a witness.

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1. Depression

One of the three temptations that face humanity is ascertained from my extensive study of the three temptations of Jesus after his 40-day fast. The other two are PowerHunger and Addiction. You will find that any temptation to humanity lines up with one of the three.

It occurred to me while watching the Netflix series of History 101 that the three temptations feed into each other.

DEPRESSION due to the feeling of separation from God fuels the need to exercise power which we lost with our idea of separation, so we know our play at POWER is false, which leads us to ADDICTIONS to distract us from what we instinctively know, and this will eventually lead us back to DEPRESSION once again as what we are addicted to loses its ability to meet the craving for God’s presence which is all that we truly desire or need.

This is the hamster wheel that the fear-fed ego takes us on.

Depression is more like a pandemic, in my opinion than the pandemic of 2020. And do not think that those who seek political influence do not use this awareness to push our “political buttons”.

In a world that is made out of insane ideas, it is no wonder that depression is always nearby, however, because this insane world is not our true Home or even where we currently reside there is a way that it may be escaped.

As Jesus is said to have proclaimed in the New Testament Christ has overcome the world. From A Course In Miracles, we understand that Christ is not Jesus only but all of creation unitedly.

The separation among individuals increases. Families fall apart. Protection agencies are not able to protect our children and young people because “a feeling” is not evidence enough to get help for anyone. And vigilante attacks can result when we get stirred up enough that punish the innocent while the true perpetrators simply up their game and thus are hidden.

The subtleties of communication are understood and discussed just enough to give someone with criminal intent the wherewithal to avoid detection probably more often than not. That is most certainly the case overall as suicides and domestic violence attest to.

I am not trying to bring you down. I am only saying that it is real in this insane world we have fabricated and that the Atonement is the one thing, the ONLY thing that will set us free and not just send our guilt-ridden imaginations into a new disguise.

I have spoken about PTSpD before. Post-traumatic separation disorder is a term I have coined for that place we go through once we recognize that we are not separated from each other and God, our Father, and begin to see the suffering that is brought on by that belief. It is a sadness that cannot be escaped that is buffered by the witness that ALL will know the truth when they are willing to receive it.

There are times I would still like to stand on some tall podium and get the world’s attention to tell it that this is not how we have to live. Jesus is showing me that the greatest way that I can serve Christ is to manifest that peace within myself and see peace where it does not appear to be today knowing that the only REAL thing is God’s Will and His Love for His Son.

I am counseled by the Holy Spirit to look for that in all that I see. Interfacing with people is very challenging for me because I cannot give them what I know I can only live it for myself and do what I can to bear witness of it. Sometimes I feel like I am a bit of a ghost on earth because I am most comfortable solo but I would not change it and that is not at all something that brings me sorrow or sadness.

It is funny because I am labeled with chronic depression in part because of my lack of desire to mingle. And my admittance of having to consciously choose and actively pursue being alive and well. But I would wager that I am one of the happiest people on the planet because I know this is not real and that God IS.

I need to be careful not to be too joyful or people will need to find a way to crush me. That is always a danger in the world that is made by the ego. That alone is depressing if you ask me.

It is faith that tells me that Jesus and others that manage the Universal Plan have things under control and that it is none of my concern to sort out or figure out what is going on in this life and society that I think I am living with because it is not what it appears to be and I am not going to be able to alter it or even understand it. Listening to the Holy Spirit and keeping my mouth shut in certain circles is my best hope to serve as long as this body/vehicle is able to.

2. You are of Him and in Him which makes you innocent, capable, and worthy.

This does not mean we do not make mistakes. It means we are able to laugh at them and know that they do not define us in any way.

We are all as God created us and not one iota outside of His Will. That is how it is with God. There is nothing that is outside of Him. He is omnipresent/everywhere, omniscient/all-knowing, and omnipotent/all-powerful.

6. An idol is established by belief, and when it is withdrawn the idol “dies.” ²This is the anti-Christ; the strange idea there is a power past omnipotence, a place beyond the infinite, a time transcending the eternal. ³Here the world of idols has been set by the idea this power and place and time are given form, and shape the world where the impossible has happened. ⁴Here the deathless come to die, the all-encompassing to suffer loss, the timeless to be made the slaves of time. ⁵Here does the changeless change; the peace of God, forever given to all living things, give way to chaos. ⁶And the Son of God, as perfect, sinless and as loving as his Father, come to hate a little while; to suffer pain and finally to die. (ACIM, T-29.VIII.6:1–6)

It is the realm of idols that believes that there is something outside of God and this is where humanity is at the moment. This is where our depression comes from, where if we were in the Atonement, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit would be our existence and our joy.

The bodies we believe ourselves to be and focus all our fears and protection on are the idols that make up this world of suffering. That, in no way, suggests that we need to be rid of our bodies prematurely, it means that we see ourselves as the eternal Children of God that we are.

Mistakes made are simply meant to be corrected. Though each must do so for themselves. I am not able to correct the misconceptions of my children no matter how much I may desire to do so.

I suspect this is why I bring up errors instead of ignoring them like we have been taught to do by polite society because I understand that they are easily corrected. However, the ones I speak to do not know who they are, and in that state, they cannot correct their mistakes but instead use the witness of the mistake as a way to attack themselves.

Think about that for a minute. It happens all the time. The current human mentality does not allow for correction of mistakes because all that it sees from outside of God is attack. While in the ego, attack is our norm.

This is one of the reasons I find it difficult to mingle with society anywhere for any length of time. This does not mean that I do not love them and wish everyone every blessing.

3. We have a lot of help; the Holy Spirit, angels, nature, and guides.

We have to take responsibility for ourselves and this begins by looking closely at our thoughts. Are they consistent with our beliefs? What are our beliefs? Are they in our best interest? Where do they come from? Are they our thoughts or the thoughts of society or superstition or another individual or group?

Each of these questions must be answered by each of us. If not in this lifetime, then another.

I have said before that we will not be forced to acknowledge God and ourselves but it will happen because it is God’s Will and we are of Him, it is who we truly are.

That said there are helpers for all of us. Guardian angels, past and future family or “soul group” members, and even pets that have passed on are nearby to comfort us.

Awareness of our helpers and an attitude of welcome and thanksgiving allow them to assist us.

I have had nature literally jump up and speak acceptance and comfort to me as insects (huge grasshoppers and butterflies) that were not typically around were with me when I accidentally hit a dove with my car bumper and proceeded to tend to him and find a place to bury him. (I have no idea if it was male or female, gender is generic to me.)

It was like they were saying, “It’s okay, death is a part of life and is nothing to be ashamed of.” It still brings tears to my eyes.

Connecting to earth through bare feet or hands is a way we allow Mother Earth to heal us emotionally, physically, and energetically.

Know that you are one with all that is AND that you specifically have many beings seen and unseen that do what they can to support you through your physical existence and beyond.

I hope that you understand that I am one of those beings that has your back and knows that “you got this”. ❤

Be aware that sometimes it is necessary to ask them to assist because unless we do they cannot help. Being in the Atonement has this covered because the assistance here in the dream world is a given as we acknowledge God in all things.

4. PTSD, Post-traumatic stress disorder; we will not lose that sense of sorrow or emptiness as if something is missing until we accept the Atonement and our place in Heaven with God.

****Then nothing that this world offers will fulfill our sense of completeness or wholeness again.****

And we will be willing to release the world into the hands of the Holy Spirit and Jesus and allow them to bring everyone to this awareness.

We started out with Depression and we end by discussing PTSD. Hmm.

I want to start off by saying that Heaven awaits and the peace that comes from knowing that God IS and that nothing could be real that is not of Him and His Love is the doorway to it.

Forgiveness does not take the incident of trauma away. Nor does it release all emotional connections or residual responses BUT it does allow you to see that what currently appears to be your “life” is but a story in the confused mind of Christ who thought He had separated from God.

Now that is a mouthful because it holds the keys to releasing ourselves from this perpetual state of suffering that we seem intent on allowing ourselves to experience.

I have already said that PTSpD, Post-traumatic separation disorder is ours until we fully integrate our consciousness with Heaven which is our Home and where we truly are.

It is also where we are in FULL COMMUNION with God.

It is our acceptance of the Atonement that prepares us for it as we listen to the counsel of the Holy Spirit and when we are ready God lifts us into His embrace and we will know it when it happens and we can trust that He holds us and will walk us through our mistakes.

Because we are an idea in the Mind of God that is where our experience happens as well, in our minds. Each of us has the ability and assistance to do this. God guarantees it.

Till next time, God bless, debi.



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