Universal Reading (Oops, did two in one for our 2nd April 2023 Read.) WE MUST START SEEING GOD.


Same task, unique expression.

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I know that skin tone is not what is diverse here but the amount of red paint on the hand is and I think that is a fun way to show our REAL diversity is expression! ❤❤❤

1. We want to know how one another is. Or do we?

I used to think so but as I have grown in the Atonement, I am understanding that it is me and my witness to and relationship with Heavenly Father that I MUST pay attention to. AND:

I have to trust that the Holy (wholly) Spirit is working with others as well.

Even with the children. As a grandparent and great-grandparent this is a big deal now.

We are each on this journey SOLO while traveling TOGETHER.

God is REAL and it is Him who we want to look to and so do others.

It can be frustrating because today we are taught that we need each other.

Well, this has its pluses at times, but we abuse the idea. Because it is God that we MUST be looking to and seeing in all that we see.

Actually, it is God’s Love that we want to bear witness of before all creation which is literally the Son of God, Himself.

This is a fairly new understanding for me so forgive me if I cannot elaborate too much. I, too, bought the hype that we are social and depend on one another and have to compromise, yada, yada. Just think about the concept and tell me it could be any different. We are taught this from the moment that we take our first nutrient on earth.

We are not to look to each other for satisfaction or protection or company or entertainment. We are to look to God! AS HE LOOKS TO US!

Maybe you did not see that coming. But it is true! God looks to His Son because WE bring Him JOY and fill Him UP! That is how real and personal our relationship is with Him and yet I run across people all the time that cannot stand to hear His Name or Being even mentioned!


2. You are of God, in God, worthy of all that He is, innocent as a child is, and capable of making mistakes. And that is Okay!

We have to give our idea or thoughts about God an overhaul!

The closest thing we can come up to identify Him is LOVE.

Only not in the tit for tat kind of way. It is love that gives all and the kind that you cannot help but give your all back to.

Love your dog or cat? (I would say family members but that is tricky almost as warped as how we feel about God. Anyway,… ) Multiply that by a million and you might have a clue.

I had a spiritual epiphany once for about 15 seconds where I felt a portion of the miracle of His Love in the cells of my body and it was “to die for” if I can use that phrase when I do believe in death.

I prayed to hold on to that witness knowing that I could not.

I held onto the memory of it for a long time.

Today, I know the memory of the memory and I know its value was beyond anything that I could EVER receive here.

And we are of that very “being”.

Yet we are so caught up in feeling guilty and unworthy and miserable that we do not allow His PRESENCE.

THIS is what and who we are. To deny God’s Presence IS to deny our very own!

And we are His Children and children make mistakes and that is perfectly fine. Simply put THAT IS what we are and what we ALWAYS will be because God Intended it to be that way.

If you are 50 or over, you will be able to look at humanity and see from experience that we do not even have enough sense to know how to raise our own children or ourselves and lift ourselves out of the status quo of self-destruction.

Today we still fear those who march outside of a group (or mob) mentality and seek to subdue them with medication or incarceration.

Do we even know what a world with freedom in it would look like?

Maybe you are younger and wiser in this regard. I strongly believe that the young ones being born today have greater instincts and intuition with clearer vision and awareness that the truth is not what our traditions, stories, and recorded histories would have us believe that we are.

Once we let God’s Presence be felt life changes drastically and while we may still have things to learn and experience and old habits that the Holy (Wholly) Spirit will reveal to us that we can let go of we will have a Peace and Joy that comes from no textbook and no logic, just because God IS and we KNOW it.

3. See God in one another and understand that His Son, Christ, is confused and lost because He believes that He has betrayed God even though this is an impossibility.

You are literally looking at Christ when you see ANYONE or ANYTHING.

~~ Yes, even that one! ~~

Confusion has a lot of ugly faces. And some very beautiful ones as well, and everything in between.

As I have gotten older (or is it my spiritual growth?) I see beauty all around. Even in the sick and infirmed.

I think it is because I gave up the need to compare myself to others that everyone is beautiful to me.

My youth, as it is today because of our societal attitudes, was full of comparisons. And sex was upper-most on the mind from about age eight. I suggest that this sexual fixation occurs a lot younger today. Maybe it was also for me and I just identified it differently or forgot.

This is NOT what we are meant to be. Hormones camouflage our ability to reason and think clearly. They create fantasies and torture chambers by which we find ways to mentally belittle ourselves. We are our worst bullies.

I do not believe that sex is how we multiply, truly, likewise with nature. I believe we have convinced ourselves of this because we erroneously believe we are our own creators. Not that this is going to change overnight but it could change more rapidly than we think it could IF we gave the idea a chance.

We need to think about how to create a society that sees God and His Son and not an idol to compare ourselves to and beat ourselves up about because we see our bodies as our true identity.

Let us create an environment where the children can BE children and not mini sexual objects and obsessed with sex. Even allowing my mind to walk along this train of thought I have a vision of a future without possession, without bondage and with abundance for all. It will demand a shift in the collective consciousness that rejects subjugation of any individual by another.

(My goodness! Have we been lied to by those who forced themselves into our communities in the name of religion and God’s revelation and it continues still in the name of our ignorance and stupidity that declares that we are not capable of self-governing! So many stories that seem to justify behavior that takes from others. These must be seen for what they are. Monetary gain and power are what rule the earth today. Only a shift in our thoughts will change this. And this will happen only if we let the errors of the past be only errors and acknowledge God and His Witness of our perfection. We must let those thoughts of betrayal and revenge rise and blow away like vapors of steam cleansed through the Forgiveness that comes of the Atonement that restores the Son to the Awareness and Presence of the Father.)

Personal autonomy and authority from God, Himself directly to each of us must be given to the individual. That will not happen without a complete shakedown of what we see ourselves as today. Indoctrination needs to be shunned and individual critical thinking encouraged.

Another key thing is that we must believe in our success in this endeavor!

If God were our Creator and our extender, AS HE IS, there has to be a better way. Where all are allowed to “be” without labels that put us in the possession of anyone besides God because anything besides God would be FALSE.

Belief is IMPORTANT and CRITICAL! Let’s make sure what we believe is what we WANT to believe because God has given us the capacity to experience what we believe as He does. Although in Him it is knowledge which we reject. Being of Him, eventually we will all have received enough suffering to allow us to let go of our torture chamber of suffering and death and embrace Father.

I choose to stand in the knowledge of the Atonement, knowing God IS and His Son is loved and whole and complete and has been given all that the Father has.

4. The Atonement of Christ that Jesus teaches allows us to allow the witness of God’s Love to be revealed as we walk in the witness of forgiving Christ the error of belief in separation from God.

The LIGHT that we bring into the world is GOD’S LOVE.

Witnessed to by our ability to see past the “stories”, masks, and costumes that we wear to hide ourselves from God and PRETEND we know what the HECK we are doing.

Absolute complete and consuming forgiveness is the ONLY TRUE FORGIVENESS that is possible.

Otherwise, we are playing the “ego’s game” and separating the Son of God.

5. His Story

Christ’s story. That is who we all are. His confusion is what we are looking at today. Would it not be EASY to forgive one person one time for a thought made in a nano-second? That is all that we need to do.

This forgiveness sets you on a completely different trajectory.

And it fills you with HAPPINESS, JOY, AND PEACE even in the face of tragic non-realities that seem so very real.

Why would we not want that deliverance? Because it is too simple and because of the SIMPLE FACT that we do not believe in OURSELVES.

It is ourselves that we do not believe in more than not believing in God.

Here are the facts though: ONLY YOU CAN ACCEPT YOUR EXISTENCE.

God cannot do it. He made it that way so that YOU would have the freedom to EXIST in REALITY in TRUTH, in HIM.

Forgiving Christ forgives ALL THAT IS, EVER WAS, OR EVER WILL BE.

Forgive HIS STORY. Do not take it on as yours. Even though He/Christ is Who you are. It seems radical but the only confusion is that a tiny part of the Mind of the Son of God thought that He could be separated from God and that is where the nightmare began and the ADDICTION occurred. We all know that addiction is not altered unless the individual recognizes the need and desires it for themselves.

Reach inside. That witness is there. You have value and all that God is is yours because you are all that God is as His Son, along with every other individual in All That Is. And there are NOT a gazillion minds, there is only ONE Mind of Christ, but there are a gazillion+ ways of expressing it and they are all containable in Eternity with Eternal Creation as their expression because this is what God started when He gave the Son of God Eternal Life like unto Himself.

Only if the ONE MIND of Christ IN GOD is acknowledged, will we be able to allow each individual sovereignty and autonomy. Only in a Universal Experience of God Awareness will individuality be reinstated.

That Awareness or acknowledgment allows our unique expression of Him.

“I am as God created me.”

A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 110

WL 110 2. “Today’s idea is therefore all you need to let complete correction heal your mind, and give you perfect vision that will heal all the mistakes that any mind has made at any time or place.”

This can be remembered for any mind at any time or place. Speak peace into every engagement you have with the Son of God, whatever form He presents Himself. See God ONLY. Know that anything else is confusion and can be healed by the Holy (wholly) Spirit who carries it back to God’s Love. This can be done in our personal lives and in the history of humanity, and beyond.

What I mean is that we can undo every trauma in our history and in the history of the world AND the universe by acknowledging this. And it MUST be done by each of us individually, even if it takes us millions of years to be willing to do so.

That is the key factor, BEING WILLING. God takes it from there and will gently lead us out of the darkness that we have created for ourselves.

6. Assistance from Holy Spirit, nature angels, guides, pre-existence, dreams, etc.

We each have MANY assistants in the place we call life.

It is my understanding at this time that we came to this most dense of “realities” (I use that word very lightly here.) because we wanted to help in the undoing of belief in separation from God, the Father and Creator of us all.

Before coming here, we met together and designed a life, not unlike designing a wardrobe or a balanced meal or a designing a city.

Jesus was a KEY part of every preparation. WHY? Haha, because he was the first to believe in separation and got this whole ball rolling in the first place. I know, no one talks about this but come on! He is the Atonement and he has been trying to direct us as a race since the beginning of time.


He has committed all that he is to redeem/correct that error. As will we once we understand what we have convinced ourselves/Ourself to believe.

He understood the Atonement immediately and corrected his understanding about separation. It is possible that is could have been any of us.

However, in that moment “a few”, compared to all that there are, Thoughts of Christ were able to manifest only THEY not only carried what God had given them in their “DNA” but ALSO BELIEF IN THE IDEA THAT THE SON COULD BE SEPARATE FROM THE FATHER.

A world was ultimately designed, I believe by Jesus and others, who perhaps also received the Atonement quickly, to allow the appearance of “less than we are” to be experienced that through FAITH and ETERNAL TRUTH in the Holy (Wholly) Spirit we might ALL be brought into the Atonement that undoes the belief in separation from God and recognize ourselves/Ourself once more.

By “less than we are” I am reflecting on what near death experiencers have been telling us about how in our disembodied state we are able to know all things and have desires met instantaneously, as well as, feeling love that is indescribable. We put blinders on our awareness and came here to face the challenges of form and have the opportunity to act in faith.

NOW, having said this there are many ancestors and future posterity that help us, sight unseen as well as angels and so many others in the flesh and disembodied. Literally legions.

Some keep us on track with our goals and keep us from or lead us to that which aligns with the course that we accepted here in the Universal Plan.

Others must be called upon to assist to allow our confidence in that which is UNSEEN to feel Real.

The idea of “more with us than against us” is quite literal.

Of course, ALL of these entities and Jesus, himself rely on the Holy (Wholly) Spirit which is the Voice of God AND all of the Sonship unitedly to guide and direct us according to our individual willingness.

That “willingness” has a lot to do with being willing to let go of fear and ALLOW God’s Presence to be felt. In fact, it may have EVERYTHING to do with JUST THAT.

7. PTSD; forgiving betrayal.

I realized this month that betrayal is the poignant pin prick that reaches my insides when I think of trauma I have faced. And why not. We ARE ONE and we do betray ourselves when we attack or steal from another in ANY manner.

Here is something that I believe that the Holy (Wholly) Spirit sent my way:

This is a prayer that was shared on a public chat in Facebook. It is written for a woman whose father had not been one who made a living and who was living with the daughter after the wife passed and not offering anything to the care of the household. After this intention was sent out her father showed up with a check for her and his situation had improved, etc.

“Forgive me for the role I have wanted you to play in my life. I have insisted on seeing you as a liar, unemployed and never accomplishing anything. I recognize that I have used this image of you in order for me to become your victim. That way, I could blame you for the fact that I never have any money. Today I choose your liberation as well as my own.”

What I liked about it was that I could apply it to anyone or anything.

Dare I say: politics, family relations, historical abuses or neglect, war and its MANY faces of destruction of all who enter it, job, school, church, god by ANY name, bondage in any form, self, ego-mindedness, etc. It is all able to be washed away with this.

I have said before that I have PTSpd, Post Traumatic Separation Disorder and believe that we all do, as does the planet and the cosmos. Anywhere and anything that has felt itself separated or apart from God and His Son which is ALL of Creation.

And even though I have walked in the Atonement for three full years now situations in the realm of the ego manifested world that most of us live in I can be tossed about emotionally by circumstances. I know it is not reality and I have forgiven completely the Entire Sonship of Christ for the belief in separation by forgiving the original error, yet I still function among people who have not accepted the Truth of the Atonement and it can hurt. Or what I perceive as outcomes can hurt.

This prayer/intention could be directed at anything in any sphere that could be imagined.

Just knowing this brings me comfort.

*I did not create it, but I share it with permission and great faith that we will use it so that we may relieve our own suffering.

Releasing the attachment to the pain can open up our minds to creativity we were not aware we had.

Here is something to remember when it comes to depression:

“When you equate yourself with a body, you will ALWAYS experience depression. When a Child of God thinks of himself in this way, he is belittling himself and seeing his brothers as similarly belittled. Since he can find himself ONLY in them, he has cut himself off from salvation. Remember that the Holy Spirit interprets the body ONLY as a means of communication. Being the communication link between God and His separated Sons, He interprets everything YOU have in the light of what HE is.” ~ACIM URTEXT page 191 paragraph 4~

We are able to bear and even overcome depression by allowing the Holy (Wholly) Spirit to guide us and let Him carry the burden of concern that you have for the world. It is too heavy for you to do and that is not your responsibility. Accepting the Atonement is and then following your inner guidance.

8. We are each significant and unique, even though we have our personal part in the Atonement that is basically the same, it may be taught or expressed uniquely.

Yes, and NO.

There ARE basics we each hold even in our vast differences in culture, education, economics, and even timelines. We all NEED to forgive the original error of separation and release our attachment to the pain/delight that we “believe” the body gives us so that we might unite in our true status as THOUGHT within the Mind of God where every need or desire is met instantaneously through God.

WE DO EXIST but only with ALL That IS and Within God, Himself.

Are there various ways of teaching this. Perhaps, but the basic premise will be the same.

Till next time, God bless, debi.



Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)