We Really Could Change the World by Changing Our Perspective

Reflections for the 21 -27 of September 2020.

Bring the spirit of discernment please.

Understand Time

It is everything and nothing. All things are happening at once.

There is a marvelous multiplicity of possibilities going on in so many places (which is also everything and nothing for space and place is not a truth).

Eternity is infinite. Being has no “end”.

Time was created to allow the context of suffering to be experienced without consequence or real impact beyond allowing consciousness and creativity to accept its existence.

On the human plane that is difficult to wrap one’s mind around, however, letting go of the limitations, definitions, and protocols that you have been taught by the “inflamed” ego and society will allow you to be the observer of your reality and not make the “reality” who you are.

This is what Jesus is attempting to walk you into by the experience of the Workbook portion of A Course In Miracles.

Letting go also allows the Higher Self via the Holy Spirit to guide you, giving you a 360 degree visual of your circumstance which is impossible through the eyes of the “inflamed” ego that was formulated out of circumstances and interpretations of particulars.

Wanting to know about others is nice.

And yet you need go inside to understand how best to serve them.

Serving others can be done for the wrong reasons and sometimes the challenges we see others have is for the benefit of the Whole.

This is why we are encouraged to love others as ourselves and to do to others what we would have done to us.

One thing that will happen as the “shift” takes place around the world is that people’s secrets will be revealed.

There will be no way to hide, as the mind of Christ unites, releasing the appearance of darkness brought on by the idea of Separation. Some of this is happening right now and is very public, as it has been for at least a few decades.

Try not to get too “vexed” by the story or situation, whether it be yours or someone else’s.

That is not to say that you will not feel emotions over events, you just do not want to cling to the emotions or the event because that stops you from seeing the larger picture.

Likewise, to have no compassion is unwise and not healthy, because seeing a situation, or untruth, is the first thing we have to do to release it. And that initial impact of emotional response can be very significant and difficult, so we need to be gentle with one another as we go through these scenarios.

Compassion for others is not “natural” to the “inflamed” ego.

It is a form of love that is needed and required to transfer from the state of guilt and suffering to recognition of the true and natural state of grace.

Because the “inflamed” ego believes that it must defend its existence and attack anything that is different it must be shown that there is nothing to defend itself from.

This is the position of those who stand in the Atonement. In the witness that they are of divine heritage and one with all creation.

The true forgiveness found only in the Atonement, as it forgives what is impossible, might be seen as the highest form of compassion; both of which will be unnecessary once the final transition occurs.

Addiction: Are we addicted to strive, argument, trauma, and drama?

The human race is an addictive anomaly.

anomaly NOUN

  • something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.
  • (*We are eternal entities with divine heritage, remember?)

The “inflamed” ego uses addictive behavior as a distractor to preserve its identity.

It knows that if you were to look at it straight on and ask reasonable questions it would disappear in a relatively short time.

Attacking the ego is not the desire of Jesus or the Atonement. Just the opposite, as it affirms your position as a member of the divine entity that unitedly is known as Christ, the Son of God.

1: Reminder: “this entity” covers all dimensions, possibilities, probabilities, galaxies, multi-verses, etc. throughout all time forward and backward.

2: Not all consciousnesses within that construct require the same density, darkness, or struggle that is encountered by the human race on this planet.

3: However, what the human race does on this planet affects the whole of creation.

Addiction needs to be seen as anything that consumes ones attention and intention and places it on that which is not lasting.

So one may have progressive or “that which builds in a positive direction” addictions; as well as destructive or negative addictions.

While addictions may not be “idols” they serve the “idols” humanity has chosen. Specifically, that is the human body; singular or in a group.

The “Inflamed” ego fools the psyche into believing it will receive some reward from the addiction which it never fulfills and by the time that is understood the “captivity” of the addiction is in place.

It would be kinder to teach the ego that there is no lack or need to defend its position in society because that has been authenticated and justified by the Creator.

authenticate VERB

  • prove or show (something, especially a claim or an artistic work) to be true or genuine.

justification NOUN

  • the action of showing something to be right or reasonable.

You are cherished by the creator and his awareness of you is enough to justify your existence.

When I consider the atrocities that humanity has imposed upon itself over thousands of years, leaving no group undefiled, I wonder just how difficult it would be to establish a society where all receive according to their desires?

“Their non-addictive desires”?

Having needs fulfilled, and wants?

Are there many other joys as great as giving others what they delight in?

Who are we to say that we must be a species that knows lack?

Could we not alter that by choosing to see abundance in all places?

Is that not our heritage as children of God?

Wouldn’t it be FUN to find out? :) ❤ ❤ ❤

Photo by Charlota Blunarova on Unsplash

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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