When sex comes into the mind as a viable part of life childhood innocence (is there such a thing?) and God are removed.

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons
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I am reviewing the Urtext of ACIM on 15 minute videos and it talks about sex. That is a huge energy stirring topic for me. I am committed to doing this work and what is unnerving right now is that I do not know how I will express myself or who I will be when this is done. That last part is not unusual, but this is so public on a delicate subject. I will share because that is how I learn. Prayers appreciated.

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We really need to find a way to allow sex to be a part of our lives and God as well.

At least temporarily, as I do not see sex as a component in eternal life or Heaven.

Jesus says that there is no sin, even though humanity has placed a heavy weight on sex for eons.

The first we need to do is take the “love factor” out of it and see it for what it is; an appetite. A bit of a developed appetite, not unlike alcoholism.

Something that is developed from the society around us and has positive and negative components to it depending on the individual, their situation and personality, as well as the culture than sub-cultures they find themselves in.

Sex = power, position in the social structure and community at large, self-worth assessment, and so much more.

It actually defines our very society no matter what culture we come from.

It actually “defines separation” rather than union.

Are these things truly a part of what the Son of God needs or even wants?

Is this not a self-hypnotic conundrum we have placed ourselves in that leaves us feeling guilty if exercised and depressed if not?

What in the world would we want to be controlled by such a thing for?

Not to mention passing it on to our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so forth.

Could we not encourage public, and private, gentle touch to connect with the earth and one another IN THE REMEMBRANCE of the Father and our value as His Only Begotten Son?

I hope to shake up the mental attachment to sex as we currently, um, “embrace?” it.

Someone responded, “It is a biological function to keep species continue or survive, how we look at it is our subjective issue. I say keep everything in moderation neither too much nor avoidance in healthy range.” (Minor editing.) And I wrote:

Thank you for sharing your perspective.

I would agree that moderation is reasonable.

The subjective view, here from Bing:

“A subjective view is based on feelings and opinions of a person, rather than facts and reality. It is influenced by the person’s own mind and perspectives, which may differ from those of other reasonable viewers. A subjective view may also imply that the nature of reality depends on the one perceiving or thinking about it, and that there is no mind-independent reality. A subjective point of view can be contrasted with an objective point of view, which is based on evidence and logic.”

… is what I would say that we NEED to take a look at since it influences our existence at this time from birth to death.

It is the undermining way that society thinks of it and how it is a tool of power that can be abused that is my concern.

It carries the name of love as well and this love has done much to harm individuals, families, and nations.

Wanting to keep the species is questionable.

In the Urtext of ACIM Jesus says that the body as seen by God was given to teach itself that it is not necessary; being unreal and fabricated by the ego to prove the Son of God could take care of itself without God.

I do not “hear” God saying give it up today. Though abstinence is not shunned. Spirit will guide us as we listen to Him so that we will be better able to meet our true heritage as the Son of God.

As far as the “subjective view” goes, it is my understanding that we are ONE of one mind, united though we feel ourselves divided and separate at this time.

A unified perspective of seeing sex as an appetite instead of as “love” would go a long way in healing a lot of suffering in the world from what I have seen in my six+ decades.

Really, wouldn’t we rather just hold hands?

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