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It has echoed through my soul and shown me that humanity as a whole is very much aware of its fragile state and, while the ego keeps us distracted, it cannot quite calm the terror that we actually have given ourselves to live in.

I hope that we understand that this is not at all what God intended for His Son to experience.

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In ACIM Jesus states he is the first to receive the Atonement and the undoing of the belief in something so impossible as creation being separated from the Creator.

I strongly suspect that there is a feminine witness to come forth that will be able to endure the emotional and psychological tortures that the ego places upon itself and will be able to survive and thrive in the Kingdom of Heaven upon the earth itself before it has fully transformed and been restored. We are all a part of this as we avail ourselves of the Atonement.

When God looks at any part of the Sonship He sees the whole Sonship and in that knows each and every part intimately. Believe me, you matter to HIM.

We want to seek to withstand what must be and know that it will not overwhelm us, that God IS, and all that is not of Him is not lasting or consequential in the long run.

We can know that there could be no other True Guide for ONLY GOD IS and that means ONLY HIS WILL IS REAL in any true form at all.

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I am NOT saying do not have boundaries and stand in the Atonement.

I AM saying that the idea of restitution and punishment must come to an end.

Because it serves the ego-mind of mental illness and does not serve truth.

It can even feed the idea of grandiosity as one claims superiority over another by deciding what is worthy of punishment.

It means we must place any situation in the hands of Jesus and the parties involved in orchestrating the Universal Plan and pray that healthier choices will be made by each, and that they will recognize their own value no longer feeling the need to harm or contain (imprison) another in any form or fashion.

THIS, to me, is the MIRACLE of A Course In Miracles because it reveals the Son of God to Himself.

Let us not tell our children we will keep them safe when the truth is our hands are tied and they KNOW it. Do not teach them falsehoods but be honest and let them forge a new world and bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

Teach the children of our united connection to divinity and speak to them of the inner voice that will guide them when they understand this.

I see signs all around that walls are built to trap people in plane sight. For sexual trafficking but also for all other sorts of power plays and if they can do it in plain sight and not be called on it that just adds to the “rush” of the “fix” of the offense for the perpetrator.

Mind your own business they say but as Charles Dickens taught us Humanity IS OUR BUSINESS.

Even war is not the result of any individual or even a group. The presumed ability to keep secrets or have “skeletons in a closet” are what makes it possible.

War is the result of humanity ignoring the atrocities that are taking place in our everyday lives.

It is the Christ Consciousness roaring and demanding that the truth be SEEN.

All of these outbreaks of war and criminal behavior, terrorism, and shootings are the symptoms of the psychotic illness that the Mind of Christ is currently trapped in and as long as we see these things as separate from ourselves they will continue to manifest and it is ENTIRELY UNNECESSARY.


To put a spotlight on the situation generically, with forgiveness.

Our individual stories give us the language to tell the Son of God what He is doing to Himself. And to expose it for the NONSENSE that it is.

Acknowledge the betrayal, abandonment, and abuse you see in your life and forgive it. Call it what it is in forgiveness and establish new paradigms of healthy boundaries that allow all to be free, safe, and prosperous.



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Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Debra (Debi) Yvonne Simmons

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)