What would you want to hear from me?

There is hardly an odder duck on Medium than me. This was written as a rant because someone asked me to write on their site and I get real shaky when invited to join the world in anything. I guess I am really a solo duck who just happens to believe that we are all united before and in God.

I profess the atonement and write comments on erotic posts and may even have been subtly accused of not having a “fulfilling” life since it appears I am single.

I have really “strange” ideas like I suspect that in the future humanity will find holding hands as erotic as they do conjugation today and that it will be shared by all demographics. Because we will know that the energy of the orgasm is the closest thing that this world of shadow can offer in terms of our true identity in God and we will need “time” to remind the united consciousness what that feels like.

I also believe we will find that we can feel that orgasmic energy by acknowledging our oneness and knowing that the body does not divide us.

I suspect that “provocative” is the latest word for controlling, self-righteous, goody-two-shoes, and “the prophet” that have been thrown at me in a derogative manner in the past.

The stories about me will include “child-abuser”, fornicator, potty-mouth, adultress, garbage-digger, thief, slut, (and all its derivatives), prude, Miss Priss, Bible-Thumper, Holy-Roller. I will add more as I remember them.

Now, I am not saying that I have not done any or all of those activities of which I have been accused. I am just saying that they do not address the me that I BE.

If I thought I were “my story” I might be a tad concerned. As it is, it is simply humorous to observe.

Oh, there will be those who would put me on a pedestal as well. Their reasons and labels are just as ludicrous as the naysayers.

The world of words is a place where humanity cries and shouts, and laments its creation.

The thing that sustains us in our audacious insanity is to find ways to fault or manipulate others.

We do it through competition of all sorts thinking that what we are is not the same as anyone else.

It is like the lung deciding that the liver is not a part of itself, yet without the liver would a lung be a lung? And to have the liver harm the lung is it not damaging itself at the same time?!?

Quirky I know, but Jesus asked the same thing when he said something like does the hand say to the foot I have no need of thee?

We could wake up and recognize that we are part of the same “mind”/”consciousness” and we need to look for a perspective that unites us in purpose.

I do something very contrary to what the world does. I see it for what it is and I forgive it. And I revel in my own essence and glory as I understand that God created all that is in my awareness and beyond and that we are in Him without fault or blemish of any kind.

Like a wild tiger, the world roars at me occasionally and then sits back till it is ready to pounce again never giving up the hunt thinking it possible to destroy what God has given life.

There is no one living that I can relate to, yet for me, loving all, I have a responsibility to express myself in some fashion to fulfill the reason for my being in this body at this time.

I am not looking to fit into someone’s “story of attack”. That is not to say that I did not do so for decades. Six decades to be exact. The “story of attack” is what we do in the world when we are working from the ego place and the belief that we are separate from one another and from God.

It is to the eternal part of me that is connected with all of you. And what I choose to share is witness of the atonement taught by Jesus of Nazareth as I understand it today because that is what will put us in the place where we know we are not separated.

I walk with Jesus today. Through all my slippery slopes and delightful gardens.

He best knows the assignment I was given and since I left my script behind I get to trust that his example is the best that I can follow.

He too had myths and stories created about him.

Mostly to steer the masses away from the freedom that those trapped in the cycle of separation wanted to express.

In my mind only God IS and in Him is His Son. At the moment we have the Holy Spirit that unites the two.

In the world, we think that we are living our lives but our life is already a given and it is not here. It is not a “living” it is a being. With all our irks and traumas we are creating wonderful experiences of being as in what Abraham Hicks refers to as the vortex.

At the moment though, we are living a nightmare of Christ’s because He believed He could separate from God.

All we have to do is seek to follow Jesus’ example and listen to the Holy Spirit and we will see that this is so.

To help Christ awaken is how we get back to our true selves and lives.

We just need to “get over ourselves” and we could move into a gentler dream that is higher than any experience or drug could take us.

We have real potential to make this happen sooner rather than later.

It just depends on us.

I do not write to shmooze people.

I write because I believe God wants me to and I try to write what He wants me to.

Till next time, God bless, bye for now.

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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