You make a good point about society and how beliefs shift!

I personally believe that each person has the ability to alter the universal belief because I believe we are all connected through our minds.

I believe that we are One and that there is One Universal Truth that will set us free from the belief that we can be attacked or lack in any way.

However, no one part alters the rest but stands as a reminder of a long-forgotten but still present truth we each have within our consciousness.

It is like a puzzle that we can complete; however, the one bit of correct information does not automatically alter all the other puzzle pieces. Rather it gives understanding to the other pieces to take their rightful place in the Whole Picture. This is how I view the atonement that Jesus was attempting to show us.

His witness was not only to his own divinity but to ours as well. And he cannot save us in any other means (imo) than by being an example of stepping into the truth of what we are as part of the creation of God and inviting us to join him.

This is an example I choose to follow.

For me, it demands that there be an "outside" Creator/God because only in this way would each individual part of the whole have the ability to choose, remember, or accept its place "within the whole".

Basically, if we are all individuals created by our own perceptions it would seem we have devised an environment that destroys and threatens at every turn.

If "belief" does create our reality why not believe in a kind and loving creator that wants to enjoy a diversified reality of His own through His Son.

Meaning He "BELIEVES" in you and me, which gives us the ability to "BE".

I just noticed an interesting thing about the word believe. If taken apart, it could be "Be" "Lieves", which is not hard to turn into a combined word of "LIES" or "LIVES" with just a tiny alteration. I think it is a fun way to look at what humanity has the ability to create.

My take at the moment is that in God, we recognize an eternal whole that can free us from our current "treadmill", which includes the illusion of death if we will give consciousness its due recognition.

Curiously, this also stimulates the need to review how we perceive ourselves "in the family way".

Perhaps the "being born again" would constitute the understanding that we always were and always are responsible for that which we experience by virtue of our beliefs.

I wonder, if we grasped this "truth", would we allow ourselves to come to earth as vulnerable infants, or would we simply opt to warp into another manifestation of our full potential?

The possibilities that "belief" can devise are immense.

Thank you for your comment. It was very stimulating and thought-provoking.

Atonement, His (Christ’s) Story, Three Temptations: Addiction, Power-Hunger, and Depression, “Seeing” Truth in the “Unseen”, Living Above the Chaos C U there :)

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