Your Voice Is Needed

It is time to speak your truth and let things fall where they may.

Privacy has been a thing of the past for a while now.

When I started sharing my voice in 2010, I knew I was at risk, but I chose to bear witness of what I understand.

Funny thing is, what I understand or my understanding of things has changed a lot in ten years' time.

I do believe that the sharing of ideas allows humanity and individuals to grow.

Never would I have believed that this is where I would be.

I am speaking about how I view life today.

I took a chance and I am grateful for what I understand today.

I do have peace, even while knowing I do not have all the answers and likely, never will.

Boomers especially, but all of us have a marvelous opportunity at this time to lift humanity in ways that maybe no others have.

By sharing their perspectives we can all be enlightened.

Maybe we will recognize something that we want to alter.

That is okay.

We are all in the process of becoming.

What is important may be that we are willing to say something.

That is how we create change.

Speaking of change, the hot topics of society will ebb and flow, often with the political climate.

Look beyond these things and stand stable and steady in your own growth and development.

Be the light. Be the healing that we need.

Your subject will be different from mine, no worries, we each add color to the experience. And that is a good thing! ❤

My privacy is not so important to me as being a part of Creation and its progress and well being.

We are on the cusp of something very exciting.

It is wonderful to be a part of it!

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